‘Cruel trolls who call me shallow are just jealous because I’m pretty’

An influencer divided opinion after she declared that women are mean as they're “jealous” of those who are pretty – but has been told that she is “shallow.”

Ashli Cash boasts 211,000 followers on TikTok, where she often posts updates about her life – including the candid moments.

But the blonde beauty sparked controversy on the video sharing app after she told fans that women are mean because they're jealous of the attractiveness of other females.

In a clip that has racked up 477,000 views, Ashli perched herself on the side of the bathroom sink as she donned a crop top and blue shorts.

As she rocked a glam makeup and fashioned her hair into space buns, the influencer lip synched over an audio that said: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but they’re mean to you because you are pretty.”

She captioned the post: “Girls can be so mean.”

It turns out that Ashli is not the only one who thinks meanness originates from jealousy – as many women found that they could relate.

One person commented: “Honestly I think it’s often true. I found that as I gained weight and got older women became nicer. The better looking I was, the meaner women were!”

Another user added: “This is ridiculously true, even when you get older.”

While a third person agreed: “And when you realise this your whole life will change.”

Someone else wrote: “My daughter just sent this to me…and we agree it does not matter how nice you are, some people just won’t like the way you look. So sad.”

And, a fifth user declared: “That would explain a lot actually.”

However, not everyone was so convinced about Ashley’s reasoning as to why people are mean:

This person said: “I don’t think that’s the reason.”

A second user slammed: “No…this is the same energy as ‘boys just push you cause they like you’.”

Another person noted: “Babe what. People can experience negative emotions other than jealousy.”

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “No not necessarily. It could be many things. Shallow to assume it’s just because we are pretty.”

And, someone else voiced: “I discourage this mindset because I’ve seen it turn toxic. Sometimes, people aren’t jealous, sometimes you’re just a bad person.”

Let us know in the comments what you think about people being mean because they are jealous!

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