Cover Queen Inayah Lamis Drops Spicy New Single With Social Media Sensation Kway

Inayah Lamis is ready to make a major splash in the hip-hop scene! After fans caught wind about her epic cover tracks, she landed herself more than one million Instagram followers. Listen to her new song here!

Watch out! Inayah Lamis is here to steal the hip-hop crown. Born and raised in Houston, TX, the rising star fell in love with music at a young age, and her earliest influences can still be heard in her music today. Inspired by the likes of Anita Baker, Johnny Clark, and Aretha Franklin, Inayah’s turned into the ultimate cover queen, but now Inayah is releasing a song all her own. “N.A.S” arrived on Feb. 15, and it’s a hard-hitting rhythmic bop, perfect for blasting with friends on a Friday night!

“’N.A.S.’ is about women finally standing up to the manipulators, cheaters, liars and just flat out players!” the singer EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “We’re tired of them wasting our time and energy, so I decided to put it in a song. My favorite part of making the track was how I put it all out there and held nothing back. It’s a bold message, and I’m not afraid of that.”

The songstress also has set a motto for herself, and it’s the mark of a true musician’s musician. ‘S.O.L.A.R.’ is an acronym for ‘Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes’ – and it’s the backbone for Inayah as an artist. For her, genuine narratives have to come first, with words and beats to follow, she says!

Listen to Inayah’s new track above! Oh, and be sure to keep a look out for her forthcoming EP, coming soon!

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