'Counting On': Fans are Shocked That Jessa Duggar's 1-Year-Old Daughter, Ivy, Is So Smart

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald welcomed their youngest child, Ivy Jane, in May 2019. Ivy has quickly become a favorite among Counting On fans, with Duggar often dressing herself and her daughter in matching outfits. But fans are loving more than just Ivy’s sweet face; they also can’t believe how intelligent she is.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald had three kids in five years

When Duggar and Seewald wed, they didn’t wait long to start a family. Within a few months, the two were announcing their first pregnancy, and their son, Spurgeon, was born almost exactly a year after the two wed. Six months later, Duggar became pregnant for the second time and welcomed their son, Henry, in February 2017. And by the end of that same year, the two were preparing to welcome their third child.

Duggar and Seewald finally welcomed a daughter in May 2019, expanding them to a family of five in only about four and a half years of marriage.   

Fans are shocked by Ivy’s ability to sing songs

Duggar loves posting photos and videos of her little girl, andfans are loving all the Ivy content. On June 15, Duggar posted a video of Ivy attemptingto sing “Happy Birthday,” and though fans could make out some of the words, itseemed like she hadn’t totally gotten the hang of singing songs. But about twoweeks later, Duggar posted another video, and fans couldn’t believe how wellIvy knew the words and melody.

“That’s impressive for only 13 months old!” one user commented. “So darling!!! She’s very advanced!!!” someone else wrote. “What a smart girl! I love it!!” another person added.

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People think Duggar and her daughter are twins

Duggar has seemed to greatly enjoy adding another girl tothe family. She often dresses herself and Ivy in matching outfits, despite thatshe never thought she’d be the kind of mom to do “a whole lot of the ‘matching’thing.”

Fans also think Duggar and Ivy look so alike. They seem to share the same facial features, and Duggar once posted a side-by-side slideshow of photos of herself as a baby compared with Ivy today; most would agree there was a major resemblance between them. “I’d say she looks a little like me. Especially the eyes,” Duggar wrote.

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Duggar and Seewald will likely have a large family

Though Duggar and Seewald seem to have their hands full withthree kids, we wouldn’t be surprised if the couple continued to expand theirfamily. Duggar once made a comment about adoption, and as far as we know, it’sstill inthe cards for the two. Plus, she’s joked in the past about someday havingmore kids than her mother, so it’s certainly possible they’ll announce anotherpregnancy at some point.

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