Copy Ariana Grande’s signature high ponytail without the headache with this clever TikTok hack

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Glamorous and youthful, the high, swishy ponytail is a hairstyle that’s loved by stars such as Jacqueline Jossa, Vicky Pattison and, of course, pop star Ariana Grande.

But until now this look seemed too high maintenance for everyday wear. Not only did it appear to need sharp precision, it also looks so tight we’d be itching to take the hair band out after an hour.

However, a TikTok user has shown us how to create this “snatched” ponytail quickly and easily, using a clever method that will also keep the tension headache at bay.

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The video, posted by TikTok creator Odaly, has amassed over 100k likes and hundreds of comments.

The trick involves fastening two separate ponytails into one. This is to “keep it snatched and lifted”, explains Odaly.

First, she creates a small high ponytail using just a section at her crown, and then she scoops the rest of the back of her hair into the pony.

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To finish, the front section is wrapped around the head and pinned to create a smooth, sleek side parting.

This method is also designed to pull less on the hair, too. Perhaps this explains how Ariana manages to wear her famous hairstyle for hours on end.

All you need to achieve the look is a tail comb, brush, two hair bands and a few hair clips. Beauty writer Akesha puts the technique to the test…

Akesha says…

I really try to avoid tight-looking ponytails. They look amazing and can give you an instantly put-together vibe, but they always give me a headache and make me feel like my eyelids are being wrenched open. Plus, my type of hair (curly/Afro-textured) is pretty delicate and constantly wearing it up can cause breakage if the band is too tight.

Saying that, now that people only see me from the waist up on video calls every day, it’s really making me want to experiment with new hair looks, so this ‘do was on my list to try out.

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Following the TikTok video frame-by-frame, I recreated the look in less than five minutes. I found I got the sleekest finish by starting with a nylon-bristled brush like the Denman D3 Classic Medium Styling Hairbrush, £8.49 here, and then smoothing with a boar bristle textured brush like the Kent Perfect for Smoothing Narrow Oval Bristle Brush, £10 here.

Those with long hair, like the creator of the TikTok video, can wrap the front section around your complete ponytail. For hair that’s shorter (like mine), you’ll need a few hair grips handy to secure that section in place.

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Got thick hair like me? I found it better to only heat-style the loose sections of hair when the ponytail was secure. My hair feels stronger when I don’t use too much heat on it, so I only used it where I wanted a bit of movement to do some hair swishing, à la Ariana.

This particular way of doing the ponytail is good because as you’re only securing the top part of your hair tightly, the back section can be slightly looser, meaning there’ll be less tension all round. Plus, with most of the front section wrapping around your head instead of actually in the band, you’re not pulling from the front either. Genius.

My final thoughts? I’m honestly shocked that I lasted the whole day without taking it out. It did feel a little bit tight but overall no pain or headaches. I think I’ve found my new go-to Zoom hairstyle.

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