Conrad Empson From 'Below Deck Med' Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment on the Show

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Being on a reality show like Below Deck Mediterranean means you are likely to say (and probably do) some things that make you cringe. And while bosun Conrad Empson had few and far between cringe-worthy moments on the show, he shares one thing he said that he continues to get grief for from his friends.

In a special episode of Conrad Renovates on YouTube, Empson opens up about some pretty surprising reactions to being on the show and what was the one embarrassing moment he doesn’t think he’ll ever live down.

He got this reaction when he decided to join ‘Below Deck Med’

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Empson was already working his way up the yachting ranks when he learned about the Below Deck opportunity. “For the people in yachting, I wouldn’t say its frowned upon but it’s definitely like ‘ooh you don’t want to go on that show,’” he said in an interview. “It’s the end of your yachting career.”

But Empson pivots by saying, “Its the end of your yachting career if you act like a d**k on it,” he explained. “My main thing was to go on Below Deck and show how a job should be done. How you should actually be on a yacht.”

As far as fame, he adds so far no one has asked for an autograph. “I can hardly sign my own name,” he laughs. “The whole picture thing is quite bizarre. I never went into Below Deck for that. I literally went into it for the money to start working on properties.”

And his mom reacted like this

“I phoned up my mum and said ‘so I’ve got something to tell you.’ We obviously know about the show, but it’s not that big in the UK.” Needless to say, his mother was surprised. Empson previously told The Cheat Sheet he got into yachting through his mother.

“She was definitely surprised and did not want me to go on [Below Deck] because she’s always wanted me to go just for yachting,” he says. But then she came around, understanding the opportunity could be positive for her son. “So I thought, why not,” he adds. “I wanted adventure. Let’s do it.”

This was his most embarrassing moment on the show

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On Below Deck Med, Empson got cozy with chief stew Hannah Ferrier. And while Empson was looking for adventure, having a relationship was maybe not on his agenda. So when the pair coupled up on the show he uttered a phrase that he laughs about to this day. “See, this was taken out of context,” he grins widely. “And I have been ripped nonstop for it.”

He says Below Deck actually used this moment as part of the trailer, Empson recalls. “It was me saying to Hannah, ‘just go slowly with me’ or something like that. But it was taken phenomenally out of context, and it made me look like a wet paper bag. I’ve just been ripped nonstop by it by my mates.”

The interview also included other questions, such as does Empson prefer boxers or briefs? Also, which way does Empson put on his trousers each morning? The answers to these burning questions (and more) can be found in his YouTube interview.

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