Cleaning walking boots: How to clean walking boots – seven tips

Mrs Hinch uses washing machine cleaning hack to remove dirt

Walking at a distance is one of the only ways you can see friends and family from another household. Your favourite boots or trainers are bound to get splattered with mud and lodged with filthy patches of grass when walking in this weather. You don’t want to tread dirty shoes through your home or let the muck build up. chatted to Lynsey Queen of Clean to find out how to clean walking boots.


Lynsey’s first tip is to give your shoes a shake before entering your house.

She said: “The most obvious rule is to always bang your walking boots outside before you come in.”

This will get rid of as much mud as possible before cleaning them and will speed up the process.

It also prevents lots of layers of mud from building up over time.

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You’ll need something sharp to get rid of the dried up mud, and a knife or brush will do the trick.

Lynsey said: “Use a blunt knife or a dry hard brush to get any excess mud off.”

The more elbow grease you put in the better, but be careful not to hurt yourself and don’t let children use the knife!

Boot buddy

Lynsey recommended a cleaning tool called the Boot Buddy which you can buy online at Boot, Sports Direct, and Amazon.

It only costs about £20 normally, but some of Boot Buddy’s products are on sale for £7 online at the moment.

Lynsey explained how to use it, and it sounds really easy.

She said: “You fill the Boot Buddy with warm soapy water and use its brushes to clean the boots, shoes or wellies.”

Use the tool to scrape off the mud and the soapy water to wash it away.

If you don’t have a Boot Buddy, use a bristly brush and some warm soapy water.

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Washing machine

Another easy way to wash muddy shoes is using the washing machine.

Lynsey said: “Some trainers can go in the washing machine, using a mesh bag, a low heat and a low spin for a quick solution.”

Always do this on a cold cycle and wash the laces and trainers in separate laundry bags.

You could put towels in the drum too to protect the machine and make it a quieter cycle.


Once your shoes are clean, use a towel to dry off the boots.

This will get rid of any remaining bits of gravel.

Lynsey recommends having a designated towel for this job.

She said: “We call ours the boot towel and it stays in our shoes and coats area.”


If you put the shoes in the washing machine or the shoes got soaking wet on the inside, you need to dry them thoroughly.

The best way to do this naturally is by stuffing shoes with and wrapping them in newspaper.

Putting shoes in the dryer will shrink them and damage the drier, but the newspaper will soak up the water overnight with no problems.

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