Christmas 2021: tasty gift ideas for all the foodies in your life

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On the hunt for delicious eats, recipe boxes or covetable stocking fillers? Feast your eyes on our edit of foodie gift ideas for Christmas 2021.

Christmas is officially upon us! As we near closer and closer to the most wonderful time of the year, many of us will be frantically wondering what will be on our Christmas menus this year and what we’ll be gifting our friends during the festive season.

With our second pandemic Christmas ahead of us, the desire to go big or go home is at an all time high – and that means enjoying all the bottled cocktails, traybakes, sweet treats and savoury dishes on offer.

To get you in the spirit, we’ve compiled our list of Christmas 2021 foodie treats for all to enjoy, and are sure to make for the perfect gift for the foodies in your life.

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  • Stirrd Winter Wonderbox

    Christmas foodie guide: Stirrd Winter Wonderbox

    These six special scrumptious treats are crafted in small batches and include everything from blondie smores fudge to butter burnt caramels.

    Shop Stirrd Winter Wonderbox, £24.99


  • Smith and Sinclair ‘Gin Obsessed’ alcoholic cocktail gummies

    Christmas foodie guide: Smith and Sinclair ‘Gin Obsessed’ alcoholic cocktail gummies

    Edible cocktails you say? Sign me up. These edible cocktail sweets from Smith and Sinclair are great for gin lovers with a sweet tooth.

    Shop Smith and Sinclair ‘Gin Obsessed’ alcoholic cocktail gummies, £15


  • Pleesecakes X Baileys: Christmas Cheesecake Truffles

    Christmas foodie guide: Pleesecakes X Baileys: Christmas Cheesecake Truffles

    Truffles, cheesecake and Baileys? Talk about a Christmas treat. The UK’s leading cheesecake wizards have teamed up with Baileys Original Irish Cream on a limited-edition box of chocolate cheesecake truffles – aka Chuffles, which are sure to be the perfect foodie gift to send loved ones this Christmas.

    Shop Pleesecakes X Baileys: Christmas Cheesecake Truffles, £26.99


  • Niederegger German marzipan

    Christmas foodie guide: Niederegger German marzipan

    A truly festive treat, Niederegger is a benchmark in marzipan since 1806, and to this day their famous recipe remains unchanged. Made from the finest Mediterranean almonds, sugar and their secret ingredient, this luxury confectionery brand gives you a real taste of Christmas.

    Shop Niederegger marzipan, £20 


  • Liberty caramel sea salt crumbly fudge

    Christmas foodie guide: Liberty caramel sea salt crumbly fudge

    Created by Buttermilk for Liberty, this fudge is where sweet meets savoury for a total flavour explosion.

    Shop caramel sea salt crumbly fudge at Liberty, £8.95


  • Brindisa salted Catalan almonds

    Christmas foodie guide: Brindisa salted Catalan almonds

    It’s not Christmas Eve until you prep a festive Negroni and serve with Brindisa’s addictive salted almonds. 

    Shop salted Catalan almonds at Brindisa, £5.95


  • Eaten Alive hot sauce discovery box

    Christmas foodie guide: Eaten Alive hot sauce discovery box

    Know someone who puts hot sauce on everything? Gift them this box of four gourmet condiments by fermented food specialists Eaten Alive. The zingy lemon and fruity scotch bonnet sauces are deliciously dashed over grilled meat and veg, while the chocolate BBQ blend adds rich depth to spicy tomatoey dishes – and we could drink the addictive smoked sriracha by the bottleful.

    Shop the It’s Alive discovery box at Eaten Alive, £15.99 


  • Bettys mini mince pies

    Christmas foodie guide: Bettys mini mince pies

    Even if you think you don’t like mince pies – you haven’t tried these ones from Bettys. Serve warm, people. 

    Shop mini mince pies at Bettys, £14.50 for 16


  • Sous Chef Ottolenghi Flavour cookbook and ingredients set

    Christmas foodie guide: Sous Chef Ottolenghi Flavour cookbook and ingredients set

    With aleppo pepper, white miso, ancho chillies and more (plus Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest book), this is the perfect present to inspire new recipe ideas (which you get to eat, maybe?)… 

    Shop Ottolenghi Flavour cookbook and ingredients set at Sous Chef, £49.99


  • Natural and Noble gin botanicals set

    Christmas foodie guide: Natural and Noble gin botanicals set

    Infuse gins or simply mix and match for a glass of gin with tonic; it’s like your very own spell book. 

    Shop Natural & Noble gin botanicals set at The Food Market, £17.99


  • Nordur Arctic sea salt flakes

    Christmas foodie guide: Nordur Arctic sea salt flakes

    Organic and sustainable, these flakes are made using geothermal energy from a hot spring in Iceland and are amazing

    Shop Nordur Arctic sea salt flakes at Harvey Nichols, £7.95


  • ItalianaVera Ciliegino Cherry Tomatoes VeroPop Collection

    Christmas foodie guide: Red Beetle Ciliegino Cherry Tomatoes VeroPop Collection

    Grown in a hilly area in Italy, these beautifully packaged cherry tomatoes will give sweetness and character to sauces.

    Shop Ciliegino ItalianaVera Cherry Tomatoes VeroPop Collection at Red Beetle, £2.25 a can


  • Red Candy Nachosaurus snack and dip

    Christmas foodie guide: Red Candy Nachosaurus snack and dip

    A small dinosaur to hold your chips with a matching bowl for dips – do we need to say any more?

    Shop Nachosaurus snack and dip at Red Candy, £24.90


  • Hand Spun Botanics Piccolo seeds

    Christmas foodie guide: Hand Spun Botanics Piccolo Seeds

    Inspired seeds for urban gardeners… choose from Eggplant Slim Jim to Nigella Black cumin. 

    Shop Piccolo Seeds at Hand Spun Botanics, £3.25


  • Baobab jam gift set

    Christmas foodie guide: Baobab jam gift set

    Handmade in small batches using all-natural ingredients, the Baobab gift set has delicious jams and a chocolate spread with 10p from the sale of every jar supporting women food producers in The Gambia.
    Shop the Baobab jam gift set at Big Barn, £20


  • Mama’s Jerk set

    Christmas foodie guide: Mamas Jerk set

    Give the taste of Mama’s Jerk Caribbean street food with this starter set of four sauces and a spice rub. They are incredible. 

    Shop set at Mama’s Jerk, £21.50


  • Rooted Spices Trio Essentials

    Christmas foodie guide: Rooted Spices Trio Essentials

    Excellent foundations for a spice rack, this set includes ground cumin, ground coriander and a daal blend of cumin seeds, amchur, black pepper, ground turmeric and cayenne pepper to name a few. 

    Shop Trio Essentials at Rooted Spice, £13.95


  • Sauce Shop brussels sprout ketchup

    Christmas foodie guide: Sauce Shop Brussels sprout ketchup

    Don’t doubt it. This ketchup is ideal for Christmas with leftovers, turkey and cheese. 

    Shop brussels sprout ketchup at Sauce Shop, £3.49


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