Christina Aguilera: A Successful Journey From Child Star To Top-Earning Diva

Christina Aguilera has grown up in front of the cameras from a very young age. In fact, when she first auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club, she was told that she was too young, and had to wait for 2 years before coming back to try her luck again. Thankfully, she did just that, and at the age of 13, she began a lifelong journey of living in the spotlight. She jumped from one project to another, landing herself in hugely successful roles as she soaked up all the attention that she was being offered. It didn’t take long for the world to realize her unique voice and vocal range. Committed to growing and expanding her now booming career, Aguilera made some wise business moves and remained focused. Unlike many celebrities that waver and fall victim to the temptations of fame, Cheatsheet reports that Christina Aguilera continued her dedication to her craft, and is now worth a jaw dropping $160 million.

Mickey Mouse Club

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When Christina Aguilera first auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club, she was far too young and told to come back. Already demonstrating her tenacity and passion for being an entertainer, she did just that, and when she was old enough, she easily sailed through the auditions, becoming an official member of the Disney clan.

Not knowing that she was among what would soon become some very famous company, Christina Aguilera became a child star alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling, right there in the Mickey Mouse club.

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Disney Movie: Mulan

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Things really started looking up for Aguilera when she was asked to lend her voice to the Disney movie, Mulan. Seemingly a shoe-in since she was already part of the Disney family, Aguilera signed on to create the theme song, Reflections.

This got her noticed in a whole new way, landing her on the U.S. Billboard contemporary chart and an official nod at the Golden Globes.

An Epic Year In 1999

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Quickly gaining traction, Aguilera was poised for success, and 1999 proved to be her year.

She skyrocketed from relative fame to superstardom, and it all happened within a year of her releasing the theme song for Mulan.

1999 saw the release of her debut album, and songs such as Genie in a Bottle and What A Girl Wants were instant hits among fans. Her astounding vocal range sent her soaring to the top of the Billboard charts at a rapid speed, and Cheatsheet reports that her first album “alone sold 14 million copies worldwide and helped the singer win her very first Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2000. That same year, Christina Aguilera embarked on her very first worldwide tour.”

Heating Things Up

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Christina Aguilera seemed to have the magic formula, and she released two more hit albums which received the same sensational reviews and led to a series of accolades being awarded to the star.

She had clearly defined her name in the industry, and now she decided her image needed to change, too.

Opting to tap in to her sexuality and femininity in a bolder way, Aguilera released the album Stripped in 2002, and it was far more risque than anything she had ever done before. This album featured the drop of the hit single Dirrty and this launched Aguilera to new heights. With a more mature audience now tuned in, she was reaching a broader audience, and raking in the really big bucks.

Earning Big Bucks

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Christina Aguilera saw another transformation in 2006 with the release of her fifth studio album, Back to Basics, which showcased music of the 20s, 30s and 40s with her very own, modern twist.

This led to her Back to Basics international tour, which was reported as being the highest grossing tour of the year, among all artists. In fact, Money Inc reported on the fact that she scored the rank of “the 19th wealthiest woman with a net worth of about 60 million US dollars after she made her return from Back to Basics Tour.” That singular tour grossed $90 million.


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Demonstrating her diversity, Aguilera went on to participate in a series of lucrative ventures, including starring alongside Cher in the 2010 film Burlseque.

She was also seated at her throne on The Voice, reigning supreme for 6 seasons. Nicki Swift reports that she earned” $17 million just from season 3 alone” while the other seasons were said to have padded her income by roughly $12.5 million.

Aside from her wildly successful tours, Aguilera charged a pretty penny for private concerts for the elite. She earned $3 million performing 3 songs at the wedding of Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, and $1 million for a private event hosted by world-class investor Charles Brandes.

Among the clever moves made by Aguilera were the multitude of endorsement deals she negotiated. Being at the top of her musical game, she was in high demand, and brands such as Levi’s, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Oreo, And Soni Ericsson were quick to sign her on to represent their brands.

Cheatsheet reports that Aguilera’s YouTube channel called CAguileraVEVO has more than 3 million subscribers, and she earns roughly $10,000- $20,000 per sponsored post on social media.

This by no means totals her contributions to the world of entertainment. Christina Aguilera has participated in a number of other projects, all of which have added to her tremendous success. Her impressive $160 million net worth is expected to continue to grow, and fans know there’s lots more to come from their favorite star.

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