Chicago Bulls Player Robin Lopez Tumbles Onto Shocked Fans During Epic NBA Fight

Basket-Brawl! Shoving and pushing erupted during the Bulls Vs. Thunder game after a fight between Russell Westbrook and Kris Dunn caused a bench clearing battle where Robin Lopez ended up tumbling onto fans.

Physical, bench clearing fights happen in Major League Baseball and the NHL…but the NBA is quickly catching up. Things turned nasty during the Chicago Bulls vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder game on Dec. 17 when a shoving match turned into an epic brawl. The Bulls’ Kris Dunn gave a massive unnecessary chest shove to Russell Westbrook, sending him flying down court and that got other players enraged. OKC’s Jerami Grant then came over to start having words with Dunn, only to have the Bulls’ Robin Lopez swoop in and try to head butt him!

Mind you, Lopez is seven feet tall! And Grant is 6’8″ so it was a battle of the biggest dudes on the court. Grant ended up spinning him around, hurling Lopez on top of the poor fans who were sitting court side. That’s a whole lot of man to come crashing on top of them. Some of them were seen laughing at the drama as it was unfolding while others looked on in horror. The home crowd at the Chesapeake Energy Arena — a.k.a. The Peake  — immediately started chanting “OKC! OKC!” repeatedly to let the team know they were on their side.

Lopez was still super pissed. He got back up and started screaming loudly with an angry expression while pointing at Grant as security desperately tried to keep the two giants separated. That was no easy task for even the burliest of guards, as other players were also getting up close and trash talking each other. It was all quite a mess.

In the end all that energy the Bulls players had for brawling didn’t add up on the court as they got trounced 121-96 by the Thunder. The refs had to sort everything out after the brawl as everything went down so fast, but no one ended up getting ejected. The Bulls were down by 21 points when the fight broke out in the third quarter and things got even worse after that.

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