Chelsea From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Has A New BF & They Already Have A Cute Nickname

Chelsea Roy didn’t find love in Paradise, but it looks like the former Bachelor contestant has someone special in her life. Based on her social media posts, Chelsea from Bachelor in Paradise has a new boyfriend, and they just made things Instagram official.

Chelsea shared a photo of herself and Casin Ward on Instagram on Friday. And even though she’s not smiling in the pic, it sounds like she was super happy when it was taken. She captioned the picture,

Yep, that last hashtag is a combination of the two of their names. This may be the first time fans are hearing about Chelsea’s new beau, but apparently they’re close enough to already have a couple-y nickname.

According to his Instagram bio, Ward is the chief marketing officer of, an program that combines your social media feeds from various networks into one place. His name is also listed as the point of contact on’s official website, so it sounds like he’s high up in the company.

Ward’s bio also includes a link to a beta signup form for Ping, which looks similar to FourSquare, but is focused on influencers. And since pretty much every member of Bachelor Nation is an influencer these days, it sounds like he and Chelsea are a perfect match.

And while the new photo is the first time Chelsea has shared a pic of the two of them together, Ward has actually been sharing photos of him and Chelsea on his own Instagram for the past few weeks.

In early December, Ward posted a photo of the two of them at the Boston Public Garden. Chelsea actually shared an image from that outing on her own page, too, but she chose to post a photo that only showed her.

It’s not clear exactly when this relationship started, but Ward has been tagging the Bachelor in Paradise star in photos since August. His first photo that tagged Chelsea was about the first 100 Boston influencers to use the platform.

It’s possible that their relationship started out as a working one, and then turned into something more once they got to know each other. No matter how they met, though, it looks like they’re super happy and comfortable together.

Plus, since Ward’s app is Boston-based, he and Chelsea don’t have to travel too far to spend time together. Chelsea is from Maine, so the two are both based in the northeast. And since many Bachelor Nation relationships face distance as an obstacle, living in the same geographical area is no small feat here. (Chelsea is also one of the Bachelor Nation members who’s a parent, so any logistical benefits when it comes to dating are probably a huge deal.)

Chelsea formed several initial connections on Bachelor in Paradise with other contestants, including John, Leo, and Nick. Even though none of those connections led to full-on relationships, it looks like Chelsea has found a real connection outside of the Bachelor franchise. This former contestant isn’t giving up on love — and if these photos are any indication, she and Ward are happy seeing where things go.

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