Celebrities show off their #bookshelfies on Instagram

How #bookshelfies became the ULTIMATE status symbol as stars including Nigella Lawson and Catherine Zeta-Jones share snaps of their artfully arranged shelves

  • Celebrities are sharing snaps of their organised bookshelves on Instagram 
  • Nigella Lawson and Catherine Zeta-Jones have jumped on the bandwagon
  • While Ben Fogle’s enviable ‘rainbow’ bookshelf went viral just last week 
  • Even Meghan Markle was partial to a #bookshelfie in her old Toronto home
  • Interiors expert Tania James says bookshelves are ‘not immune to scrutiny’

It used to be fast cars, swimming pools and Oscar trophies, but in the age of Instagram bookshelves have become the new bling for houseproud celebrities. 

Stars including Nigella Lawson and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been clamouring to share pictures of their artfully-arranged shelves on social media, with the hashtag #bookshelfie racking up more than 100,000 posts on Instagram.

Indeed, just last week Ben Fogle’s immaculately organised literary haul – painstakingly colour coordinated over the course of two hours – became the envy of Britain after his Instagram picture went viral.

Even Meghan Markle was once partial to a #bookshelfie, sharing multiple snaps of her ‘rainbow’ bookshelves in her Toronto home – each tome carefully coded by colour – before her engagement to Prince Harry.

Ben Fogle’s bookshelf, which he shared on Instagram last week ‘by popular request’. He told fans: ‘It took me about two hours. And there are two more shelves like this one’

According to interiors expert Tania ‘Ms Pink’ James, the craze is further evidence of a generation striving for perfection in the digital age.

The ‘professional pattern clasher’ told MailOnline: ‘With the rise of people sharing more and more of their lives and their homes on social media, the humble bookshelf is not immune to scrutiny.

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‘The books may or may not be for reading, but a hotchpotch of unkempt books is impressing no-one, so showing them off to their best advantage is on the increase. 

‘An ordered bookshelf indicates an ordered life, and don’t we all want to look like we’re in control?’ 

Tania notes that the ‘rainbow bookshelf trend is ‘a simple, easy way to group books which looks visually pleasing’.

Catherine Zeta-Jones regularly shares snaps from inside the office of the plush Manhattan apartment she shares with husband Michael Douglas (pictured left: a pile of books whose titles the star says would ‘make for a fantastic dinner party guest list’ including The News Sorority by Sheila Weller and La Dolce Vita by Slim Araons)

Catherine Zeta-Jones couldn’t resist snapping a picture of her office which, as well as a portrait of the Queen and a photograph of her daughter Carys, houses a stylishly arranged bookshelf

Domestic goddess: Nigella Lawson’s take on the #bookshelfie was predictably stylish, a collection of dusty vintage books in a cosy corner of her living room offset by a vibrant bunch of flowers (left)

Another snap of Nigella Lawson’s bookshelf, featuring a collection of vintage tomes placed on a bookshelf painted in a midnight blue colour – and crockery on the upper shelves

Duchess dispatches: Before moving in with Prince Harry, Meghan regularly shared snaps of her Toronto home (left: her pet beagle, Guy, in front of her colour-coordinated bookshelf)

Meghan was clearly a fan of colour-coordinated bookshelves, with a pile of red tomes (left), and piles of red and black books in her Toronto bedroom (right, with Guy the beagle)

Blogger Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg, right, shared this snap of her new home (left), writing: ‘One of the things I was most excited to have in the new hours were the kitchen shelves so I could stack my recipe books (that I definitely need to use more), plants and pretty things’

Food guru Jasmine Hamsley, right, shared a snap of her prized collection of coffee table books after moving into her new home – including The Girl who Fell to Earth, left

It may not have been her own home, but Lady Amelia Windsor (right, in London this week) couldn’t resist sharing a snap of this bookshelf during a recent holiday to France (left)

Actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, pictured, has frequently shared snaps of her minimalist bookshelves, and combines it with a selfie in this snap from May 2018

‘It’s a lovely visual point for a room and an effective way to add some vibrancy, especially if the room doesn’t have much colour to begin with,’ Tania adds. ‘It’s also a decorative choice that’s easy to change should you tire of the look.’ 

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is another devotee of the #bookshelfie, and regularly shares snaps from inside the office of the plush Manhattan apartment she shares with husband Michael Douglas. 

While Nigella Lawson’s recent take on the #bookshelfie was predictably stylish, a collection of dusty vintage books in a cosy corner of her living room offset by a vibrant bunch of flowers. 

Stars including Lady Amelia Windsor, Jasmine Hemsley and Zoe ‘Zoella’ Sugg have all jumped on the #bookshelfie bandwagon in recent months. 

Tania’s tips for the perfect #bookshelfie 

. Lay some books horizontally and some vertically 

. Depending on space add a favoured ornament or object in between 

. If space is an issue, a pile of books stacked horizontally with a little vase (empty or with flowers) or even a clock on top of the pile

. Don’t be afraid of spaces, and don’t be afraid to fill spaces either. This is a look to have fun with and experiment with; there are no hard and fast rules 

. Play around with your arrangements until it looks right 

. Add new books in or seasonal decorations throughout the year to keep it looking fresh

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