Cat’s reaction to messy home being cleaned melts viewers hearts

A kindhearted cleaner spent two days tidying mountains of rubbish from the home of a woman and her cat – with the feline's reaction melting hearts.

In a TikTok video, user Auri @aurikatariina who cleans people's homes for free, shows the filthy home of a "very sick young girl" and her pet cat.

There is rubbish piled hile in every inch of space, including on top of the toilet seat, and discarded packets of cat food everywhere.

Auri shows herself putting rubbish into plastic bin bags and cleaning up cat fur as she tackles the overwhelming cleaning task.

"Both of them suffered in an extremely messy house," she said in the caption."

The cleaning took two days according to Auri but the result is worth it and the house now looks tidy and welcoming, with not a scrap of rubbish in sight.

She also refills the cat litter tray and provides new toys and furniture for the feline donated by her TikTok followers.

Auri wrote: "After the weekend the cat got back home

"Both of them were confused but so happy."

The black and white tuxedo cat comes out of his carrier box and immediately starts to explore the tidier home.

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He looks wary like he can hardly recognise the house but sniffs inquisitively at his new cat bed.

In an adorable clip at the end, the fluffy cat is sleeping in the sink which was previously overflowing with discarded rubbish.

"The reaction of the cat at the end," wrote Auri with the crying emoji.

Since the story was uploaded on Friday (October 15) it has been watched more than 3 million times and thousands of people have left comments.

One user said: "You can just see how happy the cat is, I am sure the owner is too."

A second viewer noted: "If you notice the bathroom before the cleaning, the litter looked clean.

"She took care of her cat just not herself. I'm happy she got help."

Another person commented: "That cat could be one of the reasons she kept going every day.

"She is clearly loved. Don't judge others' struggles when they are trying to improve."

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