Can you spot the most expensive Christmas trees?

Can you spot the most expensive Christmas trees? Quiz pits budget buys against VERY similar firs costing as much as £520 more – and it’s a lot trickier than it looks

  • Christmas Tree World has created a quiz from its catalogue of festive offerings
  • One tree in each pair is a lot more expensive but can you tell which is which? 
  • There’s a £520 price difference between two similar frosted trees
  • Two 9ft trees look almost identical, but there’s a £300 price difference  

Whether you prefer a natural fir of the artificial variety, you might think that splashing out guarantees you the best-looking Christmas tree. 

However, a new quiz that challenges you to compare lookalike trees and pick out the most expensive one proves that the budget option can look just as impressive.  

Online retailer Christmas Tree World has created a quiz using its catalogue of trees, to see if you can pick out those with the heftier price tags. 

And it proves that with a nice set of decorations and lights,  you can make a tree that cost £79.99 look just as good as one that costs £520 more at almost £600. 

So, can you guess which is the most expensive tree in each pair? 

Scroll down for answers 

 PAIR ONE: Tree A, the 6ft Arbor Vitae Fir Tree (left) looks a lot fuller than Tree B, the similar 6ft Pre-lit Ultra Mountain Pine (right). But does that mean it’s the more expensive of the two?

PAIR TWO: If you’re short on space, Tree A the Classic White Pencil Tree is definitely a good option. But is it cheaper or more expensive than Tree B, the rather elegant Classic Black Pencil Tree?

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PAIR THREE: Tree A, the 9ft Pre-lit Frosted Ultra Mountain Pine comes with a set of lights and stands at an impressive height. But do you think it’s much more expensive than Tree B, the more modest 5ft Snowy Alpine Tree?

PAIR FOUR: Tree A, the 9ft Mountain Pine Tree is an opulent choice for the home (left). But is it more expensive than the Tree B, the 9ft Arbor Ultima?

PAIR FIVE: How does the price of Tree A, the 8ft Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights, compare with its sister Tree B, the 8ft Bianca Pine Tree looking very festive in frosty white.

Which Christmas trees are the most expensive? 


6ft Arbor Vitae (£89.99) vs 6ft Pre Lit Ultra Mountain Pine (£229.99) 

More expensive: B

Both these trees look reasonably similar but tree A, the Ultra Mountain Pine, is the much more expensive tree. The Ultra Mountain Pine is one of the most realistic artificial trees on the market right now, with a branches that look just like the real thing. This tree is also pre-lit, meaning the lights are already on the tree, whereas the Arbor Vitae needs lights adding to it.


Classic White Pencil Tree (£159.99) vs Classic Black Pencil Tree (£44.99) 

More Expensive: A

If you want something a little different then a black or white tree could be the answer. In this case, it’s the white pencil tree that’s the pricier option. So if you want to save a bit of money and like the idea of a different colour tree, the black pencil tree could be ideal.


9ft Frosted Ultra Mountain Pine (£599.99) vs 5ft Snowy Alpine Tree (£79.99)

More expensive: B

If you’ve got some money to burn on a large Christmas tree, then the frosted Mountain Pine looks stunning, and with the added frosted snow covered effect, you get something a little different. For something a little smaller at 5ft, the Arbor Ultima looks similar and will save you a massive £520.


9ft Mountain Pine (£199.99) vs 9ft Arbor Ultima (£499.99)

More expensive: B 

Both trees stand at an impressive height, but the Mountain Pine tree is much more affordable if you’re after a larger scale tree. Neither tree is pre-lit, so it’s all down to which look you prefer. 


8ft Pre-lit Bianca Pine Tree with Warm White Lights (£229.99) vs 8ft Bianca Pine Tree (£99.99)

The white Bianca pine tree offers something a little different thanks to the colour  and it’s significantly cheaper than its pre-lit counterpart with fairy lights bumping up the price.



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