Can the Botched Doctors Resurrect a Patient's Boobs From the Dead? Dr. Terry Dubrow Might Just Pull It Off on Botched

Dr. Terry Dubrow has never lost a nipple in the OR. But in this clip from Thursday’s new Botched episode, a high-risk patient named Shannon might give the “Messiah of Breasts” a run for his money.

“So, this is old,” says Dr. Dubrow, examining Stacy’s breasts in the aftermath of a fat transfer procedure that really didn’t stick. “All that fat transfer did was die,” he continues, while Dr. Paul Nassif looks on with concern. For a fat transfer to work, Dr. Dubrow explains, the tissue has to be strong enough to sustain it. “In Shannon’s case, that is absolutely not going to work,” he tells the confessional camera.

With the possibility of another fat transfer surgery ostensibly off the table, Dr. Dubrow suggests a complicated, multi-step approach to remedy Shannon’s undead implants instead.


Only problem? The newfangled procedure (which calls for major reconstruction and a brand-new set of boobs) touts almost as much risk as it does reward. “The breast tissue loss that you have from the original operation means the blood supply coming into the nipple is not that robust,” Dr. Dubrow warns, before telling Shannon, “I could lose your nipple with this.”

Luckily, Dr. Dubrow has a very promising track record when it comes to salvaging botched boob jobs, so fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. “Have I ever lost a nipple? No!” he exclaims toward the end of their consultation. But still, Shannon thinks the whole thing is “just scary,” and Dr. Dubrow agrees. “It is scary,” he replies. “This is big-time, high-risk surgery.”

As for what becomes of Shannon’s implants? Learn more about this week’s risky procedure in the clip above!

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