BTS’ Jungkook Sings Along To Roy Kim Song At MAMA Awards & Fans Are Swooning

Awww! BTS’ Jungkook proved to be the ultimate fan of Roy Kim, when he was caught singing along to his music at the 2018 MAMA Awards. Watch the moment!

The 2018 MAMA Awards are underway, and there’s so many incredible celeb moments to look at, we can hardly keep up! Fans are especially loving the interactions between BTS member Jungkook, 21, and fellow attendee Roy Kim, 25! Sure, the K-Pop stars were in competition with one another, but they were still SO supportive of each other at the big show! At one point, a camera even panned to Jungkook, and caught him singing along to Roy Kim’s performance. How sweet! Plus, when Roy Kim stood up to accept the award for ‘Best Male Artist,’ Jungkook stood up and shook his hand, which had fans FLIPPING. You can catch videos of both moments below!

Twitter instantly lit up after fans caught wind of the interaction between Roy and Jungkook! They were L-O-V-I-N-G all of the sweet interactions. “ROY KIM AND JUNGKOOK THEYRE SO CUTE OMG,” one fan Tweeted. “JUNGKOOK MEETING ROY KIM JSKADDKJSDAKJSD HE LOOKS SO SHY THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER,” another wrote. Some were even hopeful for a collab between the two one day. “Thank you for capturing Jungkook beautiful reaction, hope one day we can see Jungkook and Roy Kim duo stage,” a third fan wrote!

BTS fans have a lot to celebrate right now. The septet cleaned up big time at the award show! In total, they racked up SEVEN awards at the 2018 MAMA Awards. No big deal!  BTS won the following awards at MAMA 2018: Best Music Video for “IDOL,” Best Asian Style, Global Fan’s Choice for “FAKE LOVE,” Favorite Music Video for “IDOL,” Worldwide Icon of the Year, Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10, and Favorite Dance Artist — Male. It’s safe to say the BTS Armys are VERY proud today!

These moments between Jungkook and Roy Kim are almost too cute to handle! Both artists won big at the 2018 MAMA Awards, and it was so well deserved. Don’t miss some of the special moments from the show above!

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