Britons debate which city is the MOST overrated

Britons debate which city is the MOST overrated – so, is your hometown on the list?

  • Birmingham and Bristol fare highly on the list – is your town on the list?
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Every Briton has had this conversation, whether it’s on the dinner table or at the pub – what city on our island is the most overrated?

People from across the country have been debating the topic in a post which has caused a sensation on Reddit’s AskUk forum.  

The poster told readers: ‘I recently visited Bristol for the first time after hearing tons of great things on here. 

‘I’m not sure what I was expecting or that maybe I just visited it on a bad day, but my god was rundown’.

However, his comments failed to shock Redditors, who chimed in with their strong stances – and it turns out that some cities fared worse than others.

Every Briton has had this conversation, whether it’s on the dinner table or at the pub – what city on our island is the most overrated? (stock image) 

People from across the country have been debating the topic in a post which has caused a sensation on Reddit’s AskUk forum

The disappointed poster told Reddit he disliked Bristol: ‘The harbour side was lovely but apart from that it was fully of empty units, litter, homelessness, lots of angry preacher, horrible 70s architecture, the whole town centre smelt like weed’. 

Keen to not offend, he stressed that he was ‘not  sh***** on Bristol, I’m sure it has lovely aspects to it, but I was just expecting it to be more edgy, artistic and, well, cleaner’.

Although one Bristol native wasn’t too keen to hear her hometown get bashed: ‘I’ve lived in Bristol my whole life and love it. 

‘Wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK’. 

However, not everyone was so diplomatic, with many taking candour to the thread.

Some felt the capital was undeserving of its world renowned status, describing London as ‘dirty, smelly, tak[ing] ages to get anywhere, [and] full of people who make London their entire personality’.

But others didn’t take to kindly to the comment, to which another user brutally responded: ‘I see far more people who make hating London a big part of their personality’.

It seems that this was a popular opinion to hold, as a user agreed: ‘Absolutely this, every single time there’s an article about London you’ll get someone letting everyone know how much they hate London from their 1 night trip 15 years ago’.

But what about the north? 

Reddit users were torn on Manchester, with one, who ‘was only there for a few days’, saying: ‘I went to Manchester for the first time a few months ago and it was great. Made dingy Birmingham look like a ghetto’.

This humoured another user who added: ‘ Birmingham is a ghetto’.

But another was still not convinced of the allure of the northwestern city, which boasts being the UK’s third largest city by area. 

They said: ‘To say it rains a lot there is an understatement. 

‘Everything is spread out too far apart which means long walks in the rain to get between bars’.

Many social media users revealed the city which they disliked the most upon visiting it – with some saying London 

‘Full of tourists on weekends. No idea what they’ve come to see’.

Some said they were pleased Liverpool hadn’t made the list, with one saying: ‘Liverpool is not in this list and I’m glad. 

‘Liverpool is a highly underrated city with amazing people and a great vibe’.

Although one user wasn’t too impressed when they left the city, as he cited an unhygienic Domino’s anecdote as enough to put him off the port city.

He wrote: ‘First time in Liverpool I drove past a Domino’s next door to a college.

‘Kid come out of the Domino’s, dropped a slice of pizza, cheese side down on the footpath, did a quick look round and then ate it. I’ll never forget that’. 

But this claim was quickly shot down by a Eurovision fan who ‘met the friendliest locals in the UK’ when they went to ‘one of the bars to watch the show in the evening’.

Another remarked: ‘I visited Liverpool a lot when I was a kid in the 70s, and it was the most depressing sh******. 

‘It’s completely transformed now. The people have always been great, though’. 

Meanwhile Geordies are often super proud of their city, with revellers often citing cheap booze as a motive to visit.

One wrote: There’s a club that sells 3 treble vodkas for 6 pound on certain nights’.

However some on Reddit claimed that this is untrue, writing: ‘That’s a lie the country has been led to believe. 

‘Newcastle centre is as expensive as any other place these days’.

Britons also had a lot to say for smaller towns, with some arguing whether the fashionable northern spa town deserves its crown.

One wrote: ‘I’ve always through Harrogate was highly overrated. It’s got some expensive houses, but the town itself has f*ck all to do’. 

One Redditor asserted: ‘The Turkish baths are brilliant if you’re into that sort of thing’.

Another historic town, York was a hit and miss on Reddit AskUK.

‘It’s like they took one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen and filled it with chain shops and dudes on stag nights’, exclaimed one disgruntled user.

The sentiment was echoed by another user who ‘visited for the first time last year.’ 

 ‘As soon as the sun went down the entire city turned into a dystopian stag/hen nightmare’.

And a tourist was disappointed by Cambridge where she ‘kept getting shoved out of the way by cyclists [so] I didn’t enjoy any sightseeing. It was so overwhelmingly crowded’. 

Oxford critics specified deprivation as a factor in their disdain for the bustling university town: one called it ‘run down’, relieved that ‘finally someone [else] said it [too]. 

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