Britain's naughtiest dogs cause havoc, destroying furniture and setting fires

These are Britain’s most mischievous dogs, whose antics include destroying £9,000 worth of furniture and even setting their homes on fire.

Cooper, eight, was dubbed the country’s naughtiest dog in 2020, beating thepooch population of 13 million to the title, after owners Jill and Steve Kirkham, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, revealed how the badly behaved boxer has wreaked havoc on their home over the years.

Jill, 56, claims Cooper has chewed through just under £9,000 worth of living room items, including eight sofas, two dining room tables, 10 remote controls and mobile phones.

Despite his previous troublemaking tendencies, though, she reckons Cooper has calmed down with age and is on the right path to obedience.

Cleaning supervisor Jill said: ‘You can’t take your eyes off him for a second or he’ll be up to no good.

‘He has cost us an arm and a leg, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. He is my best friend and the most loving dog.’

Another disobedient dog owner from Hockley, Essex, had far from the traditional Christmas last year when their pet caused a house fire while they were out.

On Christmas eve, the homeowner left to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, returning to a smoke-filled home after the dog unknowingly switched on a hairdryer left plugged in on the homeowner’s mattress, setting it alight.

Both the dog and its owner made full recoveries after being treated from smoke inhalation, but the local fire service has pleaded for more consideration of electrical appliances before leaving the house – especially when animals are involved.

A firefighter commented: ‘Once you’ve finished with any electrical appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners, please take a moment to unplug them.

‘The homeowner wouldn’t have thought for one moment her dog would turn on the hairdryer, but unplugging something just gives you that peace of mind.’

In another case, a bulldog mauled his owner’s toe but redeemed himself when the injury revealed underlying health issues and saved his owner from amputation.

David Lindsay, then 64, woke up to his wife screaming hysterically after discovering their pet, Harley, had bitten his big toe ‘to the bone’ in April.

He was rushed to local A&E where he was quickly treated, with medical examinations revealing two blocked arteries in his leg.

Although initially annoyed at the naughty pup’s antics, thanks to Harley, David was able to be treated immediately to eliminate the risk of amputation.

Reflecting on the incident, David, from Cambridge said: ‘You’ve got to laugh about it. He’s done me a favour by chewing my toe.

‘I’ll try to keep my toe too, but if not, I told the doctor to cut it off and I can take it home for him.’

This puppy inflicted quite the fright on his owners too, after managing to mistake an AA battery for a treat back in March.

Sharon Nicholson immediately rushed Dexter, four months, to the vets after fearing that the batteries acid would leak and deteriorate her precious pet’s insides.

Even smaller batteries, such as those found in the key fobs of cars, can cause electrical burns, often as quickly as 15-30 minutes after being swallowed, andcan be fatal.

Thankfully, Hungarian vizsla Dexter’s underwent successful surgery – yet it was during this that vets retrieved not only a battery, but small twigs and even bits of leather belt.

Sharon said: ‘Having a puppy is like having a child; you need to keep everything out of reach. And if they do swallow something worrying, get help as quickly as you can.’

Adding to the list of dogs causing strife around the home, one family was left fearing for their pup’s life after she swallowed six Christmas decorations in December last year.

Staffie-cross Teisha, from Livingston, was eight years old when she was rushed for emergency treatment due to her blood’s sky-high sodium levels.

Teisha’s owner, Jane Gardiner, knew something was wrong when her devilish dog’s stomach got extremely bloated and she suddenly started drinking lots of water.

When Jane realised that the salt dough decorations on her tree had gone missing, she scrambled to the vets, where medics revealed to Jane that her dog could’ve died from the amount of sodium in her blood.

To their relief, Teisha pushed through to return to the family home the next day, but Jane said they ‘didn’t sleep’ until the good news came.

She added: ‘We’re certainly not making salt dough this year.’

Pooch Bobby earned the naughty dog title after stealing the spotlight from his owner Jayne Hobson, 49, by entering the shot of one of her online yoga classes with his favourite pillow in his grasp.

Bobby steadied himself before vigorously humping the cushion, positioned himself to perfection in the camera’s eyeline.

Clearly pleased with his efforts, the Labrador ignored yoga teacher Jayne’s protests and continued expressing himself right up until the camera switched off.

She commented: ‘Bobby is definitely a yoga natural. He has free roam of the whole house and garden but as soon as I roll that yoga mat out, Bobby is straight on top of it and performing a perfect downward dog.”

‘I tried to stop him but before I knew it, he’s positioned himself right in front of the lens and started humping away.’

Finishing off the naughty list is this nosy pup, who found himself in the bad books after making a disastrous inky mess by munching on a pen.

Brandy was just six months old when he found his way into his owners’ handbag, taking out a biro pen and going to town, before owner Angela Irving, then 44, walked into a scene of chaos.

The horrified animal lover found the kitchen was covered in ink, and it looked like the sofa had been attacked. Brandy himself was also covered.

‘His paws were dyed blue!’ commented Angela at the time.

‘We are three or four baths in now, and his fur is still stained. He has to go to the dog groomer to have his hair cut and cleaned.’

She had only had him for six months, but Brandy had already gained a reputation for mischief.

Angela added: ‘My 19-year-old daughter who lives down south calls him Ginger Nut, because he’s so mad.

‘She always rings up and asks “what’s he done now?”.’

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