Britain ‘could be set for hottest ever February day’ forecaster claims

Britain could be set for its hottest February day if a surge of warm air arrives next week, a forecaster claims.

The hottest day of this month on record is 19.7C, but that could be challenged, according to Channel Four weatherman Liam Dutton.

It comes after an sudden break in the cold snap last week, with temperatures hitting 15C in parts of the country thanks to a Spanish plume.

The Met Office doesn’t appear to be quite so optimistic, however, and is predicting snow could still be on the way by the end of the month.

Writing on Twitter , Mr Dutton said: "Signs that impressively warm air is likely to surge towards the UK and Ireland later next week.

"If it happens, there’s a chance that the record for the UK’s warmest February day (19.7C) could be challenged.

"For context, the same airmass in summer would give temps around 25-28C!"

In another tweet, he described reports of snow and a big freeze as "utter garbage".

The current Met Office five day forecast for the country is a mixed bag, with sunshine expected Sunday but blustering showers in the evening and into next week.

And yesterday, Met Office forecaster Richard Miles warned more snow could be on the way – by the end of February at least.

He said: "We could well see some snow by the end of February.

"Temperatures could go as low as zero to two degrees next week, and I’d expect to see a lot of frost if that happens.

"After that it could be mostly dry with some sunny spells, but temperatures won’t be quite as warm."

Met Office UK forecast

Sunday night

It will be a dry start to the evening with clear spells for many. It will be mostly cloudy in southern England, Wales and parts of Scotland with a few light showers.

Later in the night, it will be dry with clear spells for many but it will remain cloudy in the far south. Brisk south-westerly winds.


There will be a mixture of sunny spells and showers in the morning, mostly affecting western parts.

The afternoon will be cloudy with patchy light rain in the south.

Northern parts will become mostly cloudy with frequent showers affecting Scotland and Northern Ireland. Brisk south-westerly winds.


Tuesday will start mostly dry and bright but it will become mostly cloudy during the afternoon with rain in the north. Moderate southerly winds.


It will be cloudy for most with outbreaks of heavy rain in the north.

A few bright spells are possible in the south. Brisk southerly winds.

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