Bride hides man under wedding dress to stop it ‘blowing around in the wind’

A bride wearing a huge wedding dress had to fight with high wind speeds while walking down the aisle – but fortunately had a secret under her skirts.

As shown in a viral Facebook video, recorded in the Philippines, her male wedding planner was carefully shuffling down on hands and knees holding her dress down out of sight under the fabric.

The bride is struggling to walk in her voluminous gown and it's clearly very windy, with leaves strewn all over the red carpets and the audio muffled by the strong gusts.

Looking a bit uncomfortable, she drags her skirts as she greets her mother and father, before standing in front of her future husband.

In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, a man suddenly pops out from underneath her billowing skirts and casually walks away.

The man was apparently her wedding planner and had resorted to crawling under the dress to stop it from being blown about by the winds.

Lunesa Roel uploaded the clip on Facebook and joked in the caption: "I'm just really happy to be under the bride's gown while she's shining in the aisle."

"With the force of the wind, I just went downstairs so that the bride could shine," he added.

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The video was watched more than 1.7 million times since it was uploaded on June 8 and people were in stitches and also very impressed with the wedding planner's hard work.

One person wrote: "Flexibility at its finest."

"Good Job Sir!" said another person commending his efforts.

Someone else noted: "The groom couldn't wait for the parents to bring the bride to the altar, the parents only took one step, the groom went immediately hehehe."

Another person wrote: "It would have still been fine even if the wind had blown the gown. You're just beautiful at the wedding."

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