Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk’s Astrological Compatibility Makes Them A Total Power Couple

There is no question that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk like to play the details of their relationship really close to the vest, which is why when Cooper publicly thanked Shayk during his acceptance speech at the BAFTAs, anyone who stans this couple was both shocked and delighted. That’s because both Cooper and Shayk are on the record saying that they like to keep their private lives, well, private. But just because these two keep things really tight-lipped doesn’t mean we can get some insight into their relationship by considering Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s astrological compatibility.

Cooper was born January 5 under the sign of Capricorn and Shayk’s birthday is the actually the following day, January 6, making her a Capricorn as well. Now this is a unique paring! When two highly ambitious, powerful, and grounded earth signs come together, there is one thing you can count on for sure: That they are taking their relationship, family (Cooper and Shayk welcomed their baby girl, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, in March 2017), and their future very seriously. I mean, would you expect anything less? Here’s what we know about how relationships between two Capricorns tend to play out, based on their astrological compatibility.

They have great trust in one another.

Capricorns do not rush into a relationships. This is a highly ambitious and driven sign that does not allow anything in their life that does not benefit them or help in furthering their goal. This means that they tend to take time to vet any potential love interest before fully embracing them into their inner circle. The effect this has is that they don’t into relationships with someone unless they really mean it, making them very trustworthy. That’s something one Capricorn can definitely appreciate and understand in another.

The passion is powerful but emotional connections are harder.

Capricorns have no shortage of passion in the bedroom. The concrete and physical nature of sex appeals to the grounded earth sign — as does the, ahem, goal-oriented nature of the activity. So, in another Capricorn, they will be able to find a partner who can keep up physically and push them into exploring new heights and experimentation, as these competitive signs try to one up one another. Where they struggle, though, is finding a deeper connection in the bedroom. Typically these signs do better when balanced with a sign more in touch with their emotions like Cancer or Scorpio. So, while it’s not impossible for two Caps to really connect, it will take some intentional effort on their behalf.

They speak the same language and share the same values.

While two Capricorns may not be the most compatible in some ways, in that the they don’t really balance one another out, where they do have leg up is in the area of communication. Once they get to know each other well, these two can practically have a conversation in just a look. They are on the same page and share a similar style of communication that can often be honest to a fault. While that might be a problem with other, more sensitive signs, it’s actually a strength for two Caps who appreciate each other’s honesty. They also share their values and have the same long-term goals in life, and the same drive to achieve them. Together, Caps can create and epic power couple.

So, what does this mean for Cooper and Shayk? Based on the little we’ve seen, it seems like they are a pair of Caps who have found their wavelength and are working toward a shared goal of protecting and cherishing their family— all this bodes well for Hollywood’s most private couple.

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