Boyfriend opens gift only to be horrified to find ‘proof he’s cheating’ inside

A woman confronted her boyfriend by telling him she had a gift only to give him evidence of his "cheating" in a brown paper bag.

In the video uploaded by a TikTok user called @sararhiannon88, the lad is eager to look inside the bag for his "present" – but his face rapidly falls when he realises what is really inside.

The TikTok user says she has pages of screenshots from the "other woman" printed on A4 paper.

He reads through them all without a word, then gets up, puts the papers back in the bag, and leaves the restaurant without a backward glance.

Describing the dramatic scenes, the TikToker writes: "When you invite your boyfriend to dinner to give him a gift but that gift is all the screenshots of the proof he cheated on you.

"Best part? Having the girl on FaceTime the entire time and your best friend recording it."

In another video, she explained she was not as distraught as she might have been at the betrayal because she had a gut feeling the man was not right for her without being able to pinpoint the reason.

Since the clip in the restaurant was uploaded on February 24 it has been watched more than 2.8million times.

The top comment read: "That was mean. Do it again."

A second viewer wrote: "I can't stop watching. His face is so excited for the gift and then instantly he looked like he was going to die."

"That's brilliant! You can literally see his face change when he realises he can't talk his way out of it," commented a third.

A fourth user joked: "He took the brown bag like it was his purse. I can’t believe this app is free."

"Well, it was a gift after all he was within his rights to take it with him," someone else quipped.

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