Body piercer mortified at having training on ‘willy piercings’ during heatwave

A body piercer has revealed the worst appointments he's had to deal with during the 40C heatwave in a hilarious TikTok video.

Adhum Price, a Professional Cosmetic Body Piercer at Blue Banana, Birmingham was en route to Nottingham to get more training on X-rated piercings when the weather started heating up.

It was around 8am on July 19, when he posted the video and the weather had already reached 24C before climbing to 38C in the West Midlands that afternoon.

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And Adhum soon realised he'd have to deal with sweaty bodies, made worse by the areas which was piercing.

Posting on his TikTok @adhum_price, he said: "Most of you already know I'm a body piercer.

"It's 8am, I'm on my way to the train station and it's 24C. I'm going to Nottingham today to further my training in willy piercings – it is not the day to be around sweaty balls."

The video has since reached more than 390 likes as other users flocked to the comment section in agreement.

One user wrote: "Today is not the day. give them a quick spritz before piercing."

Another added: "You don’t get paid enough."

A third said: "Betty swollocks."

A fourth commented: "I got mine done after a 12-hour shift."

While it seems that the heatwave has cooled off, Brits have been warned that the scorching temperatures could come back with full force next week, according to long-term weather forecasts.

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Moreover, experts have warned that the roasting conditions could become an annual occurrence after the mercury soared above 40C today (July 19) – making it the hottest day on record.

Scientists have said that our buildings and public infrastructure need to be redesigned going forwards if we are to cope with hotter temperatures expected every year.

A panel of experts declared “we are not built for 40C”, warning that more shade and better ventilation must be built into hospitals, public transport and open public spaces.


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