Blue Light Fills The Night Sky In Queens, New York, And Freaks Out Residents

Social media lit up almost as much as the sky above Queens, New York, did on Thursday night, and residents are still trying to figure out what happened. A little after 9 p.m. ET on Thursday evening, countless images began filling up Twitter as residents captured a massive blue light illuminating the sky. While some are already attributing it to a transformer explosion, others aren’t entirely sure what they may have witnessed.

ABC 7 is reporting that authorities are investigating a transformer explosion at a power plant in Queens, but it’s still really weird. The explosion reportedly happened at the Con Ed plant on Astoria East and North Queens, but there isn’t a lot known yet about the situation.

Sure, it may end up having a simple explanation, as numerous residents in Queens even reported their electricity flickering on and off for a brief moment of time. Still, that isn’t stopping social media from freaking out about what was in the sky above them tonight.

Some residents were awakened by it. Others were simply startled by it as they were going about their business on Thursday night, and that is when Twitter began going crazy with all kinds of videos and pictures showing the mysterious blue light.

While the pictures show just how much of the sky filled with the blue light on Thursday night, it gets even better. The videos posted on social media are incredibly mesmerizing and are reminding some people of a scene straight out of Ghostbusters.

If you’ve seen the movies, you have to admit that it’s really hard not to compare them with the blue lights over Queens. It really helps matters that the movies also took place in New York and the safety of the residents were left in the hand of four guys trying to get rid of spirits.

It was very likely a transformer that exploded at a power plant, but anyone who witnessed something like this in person had to be terrified for a while.

NBC 4 has confirmed that Con Edison says a “couple of transformers tripped offline at the substation at 20th Avenue and 32nd Street, sparking a fire.” Astoria and Queens were so bright for about 30 seconds that some people thought it was as bright as daytime.

People as far as Manhattan could see the blue lights and some reported smoke rising up from the source. Of course, conspiracy theories are coming out in full force after the blue light began making the social media rounds.

Those in Queens and the surrounding New York areas tonight were witnesses to quite a show as blue light filled the sky. Con Edison has already confirmed that it was all due to a transformer or two exploding, but it sure did freak people out for a short while. Thanks to social media, the photos and videos made the rounds quickly as guesses ranged from UFOs, aliens, and world takeovers, to the obvious and accurate answers.

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