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RATTAN garden furniture is a timeless classic that is not going out of style any time soon. 

The weather-resistant, highly durable material is used to make dining sets, sun loungers, armchairs, patio furniture, and all the other sets and pieces of furniture your garden could possibly need in the summertime.

To help you deck out your outdoor area, we’re here to tell you where to source the best rattan garden furniture online (as well as a few places to find some hot deals). 

Where to buy rattan garden furniture online

Hoping to skip straight to the best stockists in the UK to buy rattan garden furniture in 2022? We’ve gone ahead and curated a list of our favourites with a big range of rattan in stock for this season. 

If you're after a hot deal, we recommend taking a close look at Go Groopie, Wowcher, and Amazon, as they're known to have deals running frequently.

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The best rattan garden furniture for 2022

If you don't have the time to sift through retailer after retailer trying to find a set you like, you can skip straight to our round up of the 10 best rattan garden furniture sets and solo pieces for 2022.

EVRE Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set

(AD) EVRE Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture Set, £579.99 from Amazon – buy here

Seats: 5

Material: PE rattan weave

This modular set from Evre is as versatile as it is stylish, able to be moved around and re-shaped to suit the occasion. You can transition the set from a corner sofa to a 3-seater and an armchair, or let your guests use one of the seats as a footstool for enhanced comfort. 

The set is made from lightweight rattan, making it easy to move around the garden as and when you need to, making it a dream for entertainers. 

In order to help you style your new rattan sofa, we found a few more furnishings on Amazon that will really help pull the look together.

  • Shop the look on Amazon:

Pillows: Hafrily garden cushion covers, £11.99

Throw: Bourina Textured Solid Soft Sofa Throw, £20.99

Plant: Decorative Artificial Plants, £19.99

LTGB 6 Piece Outdoor Half-Moon Garden Rattan Sofa Set

(AD) LTGB 6 Piece Outdoor Half-Moon Garden Rattan Sofa Set, £319.99 from Amazon – buy here

Seats: 4

Material: Rattan

The half-moon shape of this rattan sofa gives it a uniquely modern look that is sure to level up your garden style, accompanied by 8cm thick foam cushions for extra comfort.

The two included side tables are equipped for a couple of small plates of food, a few of glasses of wine, a book, or whatever else you want to bring with you to make the most of the sunshine.

If you’re looking for a couple of extra pieces that will help make your new rattan set look extra stylish, we found a couple of budget-friendly furnishings on Amazon. 

  • Shop the style on Amazon:

Garden rug: Mosaic Design Circular Garden Rug, £43.99

Table lamp: Metal Cage Table lamp, £13.58

2-Seater Rattan Sofa Set Chaise Lounge

  • 2-Seater Rattan Sofa Set Chaise Lounge, $449.99 from Go Groopie – buy here


Material: Weather-resistant PE wicker 

Turn your garden into a relaxing oasis with this ultra-chic and luxuriously comfortable chaise lounge set from Go Groopie. If you want to up the comfort level, even more, you can push the two pieces together to make one large bed for unmatched relaxation (especially if you brought your favourite book into the garden with you). 

Each chair and stool comes with a lovely, thick cushion that makes this set feel far more decadent than the price point would suggest. 

Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table

  • Marbella 5 Seater Rattan Effect Sofa Set with Coffee Table, £583 from Billy Oh – buy here

Seats: 5

Material: Weather-resistant PE rattan

Sort out all your garden furniture in one fell swoop with this 5-seater sofa and coffee table set from Billy Oh, with enough room for the whole family to relax outside. 

Striking the balance between lightweight and durable, this set is made from light PE rattan and a sturdy steel frame that is built to go the distance.

The fade and UV resistant fabric help with the longevity, as the deep colour won’t lighten even when exposed to direct sunlight. 

10-Seater Hampstead Rattan Dining Set

  • 10-Seater Hampstead Rattan Dining Set, £579.99 from Wowcher – buy here

Seats: 10

Material: Polyrattan

If you consider yourself an entertainer extraordinaire a four or five-seater set is probably just not going to cut it, so you might need to call in the big guns. 

This larger-than-life 10-seater dining set is equipped to handle large dinner parties with six cube armchairs and four stools, along with a glass-panelled dining table that is large enough to fit a hungry crowd's dinner plates. 

Argos Home Lexy 4 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set

  • Argos Home Lexy 4 Seater Rattan Garden Sofa Set, £750 from Argos – buy here

Seats: 4

Material: Rattan effect 

This bamboo-inspired beauty will bring a touch of tropical elegance to your garden this summer, coming with two comfortable egg chairs, a two-seater sofa and a matching coffee table. 

Designed to be as comfortable as it is functional, this set comes with thickly padded base cushions and plush back cushions that you can sink right into. 

Argos Home Lexy 2 Seater Rattan Garden Bistro Set

  • Argos Home Lexy 2 Seater Rattan Garden Bistro Set, £300 from Argos – buy here

Seats: 2

Material: Rattan effect 

If you fell in love with the sofa set above but don’t have a big enough garden to fit in a four-piece set, meet the fun-size version. 

This smaller, patio-friendly bistro set comes with egg-shaped seats and neutral-coloured cushions that will match well with the existing design of your garden.

If you’re particularly short on space, you can stack this set on top of each other neatly and tuck them into a corner between uses. 

Cambridge 100% 8 Rattan Chairs and Rectangular Dining Table Set in Grey

  • Cambridge 100% 8 Rattan Chairs and Rectangular Dining Table Set in Grey, £1,899 from Rattan Direct – buy here

Seats: 8
Material: Rattan

Comfortable, practical, stylish, and able to seat eight people comfortably, this dining table set is perfect for al fresco family dining this summer.

The higher price point of this luxurious set is down to the fact that it is one of the rare sets that has been made using authentic rattan, which is a premium material that should last for many years if taken care of correctly.

Dunelm Cancun Lounger

  • Dunelm Cancun Lounger, £183.20 from Dunelm – buy here

Seats: 1
Material: Rattan effect

If you just lay back and close your eyes, your sunny English garden can feel like you’re tanning on a beach in Mexico, you just need the right lounger to inspire your imagination.

Called the Cancun sun lounger, this durable lounger has an adjustable back and thickly padded cushions to guarantee high levels of comfort and help you soak up the sun all summer long.

Made Jonah Garden 3-Seater Sofa

  • Made Jonah Garden 3 Seater Sofa, £825 from Made – buy here

Seats: 3

Material: Natural Polyrattan

This retro, 60s-inspired lounge is perfect for solo summer lounging or enjoying a crisp glass of wine with a friend on a warm afternoon. 

Made furniture is known for being extra chic, so you can be sure you’re very much on trend with this unique garden sofa. 

What is rattan garden furniture?

Authentic rattan furniture is made from rattan vines that have been woven together in to create stylish furniture that is usually used in the garden. Rattan is known for being light and durable, making it perfect for outdoor use. 

Natural rattan can be fairly expensive, so if you want the same look for less keep an eye out for synthetic rattan. While the synthetic models don’t have all the same benefits as natural, it has the same stylish look and is usually fairly good quality for a far lower price.

How to clean rattan garden furniture

The ease with which you can clean rattan is one of the biggest benefits of having it in your garden. 

All you need to do is use some warm, soapy water and wipe off any dirty areas with a clean cloth. After that’s done, grab a clean and dry cloth and wipe it down to dry it and make sure it's properly clean and dry before you start using it again. 

How to look after rattan garden furniture

Although rattan is durable, everything has its limitations and if it's going to be raining heavily it's best to cover your furniture with a garden furniture cover to keep it dry. 

Rattan garden furniture is fairly low maintenance, and as long as you're keeping it dry and wiping it down regularly it should last for years to come. 

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