Best Nursery Rugs 2019

NURSERIES may have once been a total afterthought, but these days, Instagram and Pinterest have turned a baby’s bedroom into the most stylish room in the house.

Now, you shouldn’t copy everything you see on those sites: from canopies hanging over cots to fairy lights, there are plenty of things that might look gorgeous in a picture but could prove hazardous in a baby’s room, that parents should avoid.

We have noticed a plethora of stylish rugs decorating nurseries on Instagram – and that’s one trend we can definitely get behind.

Not only is a nursery rug a fantastic way to add a playful or sophisticated element to the room – or a pop of print or colour – it can also create a separate space within the space.

Placing a rug in the nursery can instantly create a book corner or ‘play mat’ in your child’s room.

In fact, Munchkin & Bear is known for their two-sided, wipe-clean play mats in a range of sizes and tasteful prints that look just like rugs. These work well in children's rooms for playing and crawling around with babies, and reading or doing yoga sessions with bigger kids.

When it comes to colour palette, 'gender neutral’ shades are all the rage when it comes to baby nurseries these days. You’ll see lots of rugs in neutral hues like grey, beige, pale green, pastel yellow and white. The advantage of these shades? Those colours will work well in your bedroom, too.

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