Best man kicked out of wedding by bride after barbed joke about bridesmaids

While weddings are a celebration they also come with a lot of stress for the bride, groom and anybody who has to make a speech.

Some people are natural wordsmiths while others may struggle to create the perfect declaration of affection.

And, if you’re the best man you’re expected to stand up in front of a hall of people and make them laugh and maybe even cry.

Unfortunately, one bloke shared his tale of woe after speaking at his best pal’s wedding – and saying a disastrous joke about the bridesmaids.

Posting on Reddit, he explained that he’d put a tonne of effort into his speech and had learnt it off by heart, but struggled to say anything about the bridesmaids who he didn’t know.

So, he winged it and came up with an off-the-cuff joke.

Having given a cracking speech, he joked: "Bridesmaids, I am a bit short of time here and I don't really know you all so I'd just like to say that five out of six of you look stunning today… figure it out among yourselves".


While many of us might laugh it off as a cheeky joke it seemed his audience didn’t quite appreciate the comment.

He recalled: "The room went dead and I knew I'd really f***ed up.

"One of them started crying and I didn't actually mean any of them, it was literally just nonsense.

“When I went to apologise, with out sounding mean, I realised that she isn't actually that good looking and was significantly less beautiful than the other bridesmaids.

"The bride came up to me and just said, 'I think it's best you leave', and the groom just nodded behind her."

Feeling guilty and upset, he decided to post a heartfelt apology for his insulting joke.

But, only one person replied – the bride’s grandmother who made him feel even worse.

On Reddit, one person replied to say: "As a wedding photographer, I feel this one. Big time.

“I have seen some terrible best man speeches in my 400+ weddings, but if I had heard this speech, it would have been my top 2 or 3 worst ones ever.

“That is quite the accomplishment."

A second wrote: "Yup. If the bride kicks the best man out of the wedding, that’s an excellent clue that you made a mistake. In 25 years when they renew their vows, fix it then!"

And, a third noted: "Rule of thumb for speeches, especially the best man speech.

“You can barb the groom, you can barb the groomsmen; but bride and bridesmaids is 100% 'shower with compliments' section of the speech, full stop."

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