Bendy woman scares man in club with ‘classic trick’ by dislocating her limbs

Gemma Colclough decided to pull off her old classic trick and amuse her friends when a man walked past her table in a club.

The 23-year-old, from Bedfordshire, had been out with her brother Scotty and his friends at Club Cookies in Dunstable back in October 2017.

She tapped the man on the shoulder and appeared to dislocate her elbow by bending it in a strange way.

The man appeared shocked at what he saw, and unsurprisingly, went running off in the opposite direction.

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Scotty, who captured the hilarious moment, said: “The guy came over and asked for a photo, which sadly I don't have. Gemma does this trick all the time.

“She has been able to do it since birth, she's a weirdo.”

Gemma has a condition called hypermobility, meaning her joints are much more flexible than the average person and doesn’t feel any pain while performing her trick.

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Speaking about her condition, Gemma, who works as a project coordinator in the vehicle conversion industry, said: “I realised I could move my joints because I was the only one in my classroom that could bend in such ways when asking miss a question.

“My doctor tells me it's bad for my joints but I think they're just jealous. I'm a super hero… my power is bendy elbows!”

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Gemma even practices daily in order to get her elbows to bend at different angles.

She continued: “I actually practice quite a lot. Maybe twice daily for about 15 minutes a time. Perfection is persistence! My hips and legs are hyper mobile as well but not as much as my elbows.”

The flexible woman often performs her trick out in public to amuse her friends.

"It's hard not to do it in public! if you had a super power like mine, you'd use it no,” she concluded.

“My family and friends think it's a bit weird but normal is boring right?”

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