Baby’s eczema so bad people thought he’d been burned cured with simple cream

Mum Toni Bailey was heartbroken when strangers asked her if her beloved baby had been burned because of his agonising eczema.

Little Junior developed an extreme form of the skin condition when he was just eight weeks old.

It started with small patches of itchy skin across his head, back, stomach and the back of his legs.

But when 30-year-old mum-of-four Toni took her little boy to see her GP she says she was given steroid cream and referred to a dermatologist.

With Junior's eczema getting worse by the day she begged for an urgent appointment but claims she was told ‘if you can’t wait, go private’.

Toni from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: "Junior’s skin was horrendous. He was so unsettled.

"I took him to the doctor when he was eight weeks old and they referred to me a skin specialist.

"They said if I couldn’t wait then I should go private but I’m a single mother I couldn’t afford to do that.

"People would look funnily in the supermarket and him and ask me if he had been burned.

"I got real anxiety and felt like I was bad mother because Junior was a mess but there was nothing I could do.

"I felt like a prisoner in my own home. I refused to take him to the health visitor and made her come to me to weigh him and she told me to keep covering him in cream.

"I said I was using the steroid cream and tried using other high street brands but none of them worked.

"It got to the point that Junior’s skin was so red raw just administering the creams made it worse. I had to buy him scratch sleeves to stop him from aggravating it."

Toni's three other children, Thomas 10, Maisy, nine, and Grace, five, don't suffer fro the skin condition.

Toni herself did have eczema as a child and says she felt responsible for her little boy's suffering.

When her sister-in-law, Charlotte, told her about Baby Kingdom Collection, which was supposed to help ease and cure children's eczema, Toni bought some immediately

She ordered the 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash and Body Cream online although admits after trying many high street brands she wasn't confident it would work.

But after just a day she says Junior's skin started to improve.

Toni added: "Charlotte told me about Baby Kingdom and I just thought it’s a bit expensive but if it’s works, it’s worth every penny.

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