Baby born with half heart only has a 50% chance of survival

A baby born with half a heart and a 50% survival chance faces three surgeries before the age of four.

Bentley, 21 weeks, has lived in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) after being diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS).

The condition means the left lower ventricle of the heart does not develop properly so is much smaller than usual.

His Aunt Casey Winters hopes to raise £500 to help her sister Chloe, from Cambridge, with the costs of living and providing for her son, reports Cambridgeshire Live .

Writing on a GoFundMe Fundraiser Casey said: "I’ve created this  to help my sister over the next year while she’s living in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"It’s a rare condition not many babies get and the operations are terrifying."

If the worst happens his aunt hopes the financial help would enable to give her son a proper send off.

She said: "This type of condition is not ever going to be fixed.

"There is no way this can ever be treated and made to be a normal heart, however if the child with condition is fighting and strong enough they will be able to undergo surgery which will help bypass the blood from the right hand side of their heart to their whole body.

"Due to the right hand side being smaller than the left it puts a lot of strain on the heart so as the child grows more surgeries will need to be given.

"In the worse case scenario, if he’s not fit enough for the next heart surgery it will help with the cost for Chloe to say a final goodbye to her little man."   

Casey said any money leftover will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital. ]

They have so far raised £30 of the £500 target.

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