August’s New Moon is TONIGHT and here’s how to make the most of it

On August 16 we welcome in a New Moon in Leo, which is set to kick-start your self-confidence and allow you the opportunity to celebrate your own individuality.

Spiritual mentor Lexie Wrightson has told OK! that this is "a moon of self-care" and may leave you feeling positively "magnetic and energised."

She explains: "Leo Moons are all about self-expression, creativity, and leadership. Leo comes to ignite our hearts, boost our self-confidence and ask us to step out and revel in our unique individuality.

"This is the moon that encourages you to shine, you may even be feeling magnetic and energised. This playful moon may even see you dropping ‘adulting’ and having fun.

"Life isn’t all about ‘to do’ lists and responsibility, we are asked under this moon to find joy each day."

The Leo moon can encourage individuals to "live from our hearts" and find clarity when it comes to sharing and speaking our truths, as we take the time to truly listen to her hearts during this moon cycle.

Lexie also explains how this moon cycle is the perfect time to focus on your own needs, telling us: "This is also a moon of self-care, giving us permission to put your needs first, to kick back and relax and enjoy the late summer before the shorter cooler days arrive."

A New Moon is the perfect time to set out your intentions, hopes, and dreams, as it offers a clean slate of possibility and opportunity.

The truly harness this, Lexie suggests creating a new moon ritual by lighting some candles and taking time to journal as the new moon approaches.

She suggests asking yourself:

  • What do you want to create in the next lunar phase?

  • Are you living your hearts desire? What is that and what’s stopping you?

  • Can you do something that lights you up each day?

  • Can you have more fun and adventure over the next few weeks?.

Take the time to read through these every morning, and then each day you can "take small steps to making these become reality."

This August has been rather unique astrologically with supermoons both starting and finishing the month, and withVenus in retrograde for the entire month.

Lexie's top tip for surviving this unique month is: "Navigate August by staying hydrated and grounded. Make time to rest, rise above the external drama, and feel all the emotions, better out than in!"

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