Ashley Iaconetti’s Quotes About Peter & Madison’s Sexual Compatibility Make Sense — EXCLUSIVE

If your Monday nights are spent glued to your TV and your Tuesday mornings are reserved for obsessively texting theories about Pilot Pete’s love life to your friends, you’re probably eager to know how this season of The Bachelor ends. He has strong connections with all of his frontrunners, so it’s still anyone’s game… and I’m just saying, Hannah Brown’s still single. While fans have made all sorts of guesses, Ashley Iaconetti’s theory about Peter and Madison’s sexual compatibility might be the most romantic one yet. (Sorry to your group chat. I’m sure their predictions are awesome.)

During the Feb. 10 episode, Peter told Madison he’s "falling in love" with her. To make matters more dramatic, the teaser for the Feb. 17 episode shows Madison explaining that she’s "saving myself for marriage." She also adds if Peter sleeps with anyone else that it’ll "be hard for me to continue to move forward." The cameras, of course, cut to Peter explaining that he’s recently been "intimate" with someone else. So… that seems like a major conflict brewing, no?

"With Madison, my theory is that at the end of this season, he’s going to have to make a decision about whether he’s down to wait for marriage if he picks her," Ashley tells Elite Daily. "I think Peter’s a pretty sexual guy. We saw him sleep with Hannah four times in a windmill. That’s stamina. I think I remember hearing him say how important he thinks sex is in a relationship, and I don’t know if it’s something he wants to go into a marriage blindly about. If he doesn’t know that chemistry, I think that might worry him. And I think, ultimately, he probably will just be like, ‘Well, if that’s how she wants to do it, I love her enough to go along with it.’"

Like Madison, Ashley also revealed she was a virgin during her time on the ABC franchise in 2015. "It was a huge part of the show because the producers really milked it," she says. "They made it way bigger of a deal than it was, and they did that with a lot of people on this show — Colton being one who comes to mind. In the past four, five years, there have been four outspoken virgins on the show. It’s not that odd if you’re a 20-something virgin, because this show is demonstrating how many there are out there."

During her stints on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley was blunt about her status as a virgin. But these days, following her 2019 wedding to Jared Haibon, she’s loud and proud about something very different: her partnership with K-Y lube. "People really need to get over the taboo that lube is for older people," she says. "If that’s what you think, you obviously haven’t tried lube as a younger person."

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You guys watched me talk about my virginity on TV for three years and now I’m here to talk to y’all about @ky_brand. Funny how things change. I had a makeup look on Paradise called “beach glowy” and am now here to recommend another way to get a sexy glow. K-Y and I are calling this look Resting Pleasured Face (#RPF). It’s that undeniable, after-sex glow that you get from using K-Y lube. I’ve been a big fan of K-Y since things started heating up for me in the bedroom, so I’m excited to partner up with them to spread the #RPF word and get ya some goodies to enhance your sex life. Head over to @ky_brand to join the pleasure challenge or visit for more deets. #ad

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Ashley says her sex life with her husband is "meaningful," adding, "We were best friends and then the sexual part of our relationship evolved quite naturally. There was such a solid foundation beforehand of trust."

With a take like that, I’m inclined to trust her expert prediction about what’s in store for Peter and Madison.

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