American living in UK weirded out by household items like radiators & letterbox

An American living in the UK shared what they find 'weird' about houses over here – including being baffled by a letterbox.

Since having moved across the pond, Micaela realised that even being at home is wildly different when in her native country.

So much so, she even felt like she was being 'broken into' before discovering the purpose of a letterbox fixed into the door.

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In a TikTok clip that racked up thousands of views, Micaela shared: "Things I find weird as an American living in the UK: Home edition."

Number one is the letterbox or the 'mail slot', according to the American.

In America it is common to have a separate compartment for where you receive your letters and it is not often they have a slot in the door like we have in UK.

"I used to think someone was breaking in when I heard it [letters] get delivered", she fretted.

"But it's actually really convenient."

Next up – radiators.

Micaela revealed that Americans do not commonly have radiators and instead have heat and air systems such as a vents and ducts that warm up or cool down the room instead. She was also baffled that most power outlets have their own on and off stiches next to the plug.

On the topic of electric, Micaela found that the three point UK plugs were much bigger in size than the two pronged US version.

And she was shocked to realise that light switches are outside of the bathroom – although many people in the UK have cords in their bathrooms instead.

The American was baffled to find that she has to switch on the hot water on the thermostat in order to use anything but cold water in her home.

"It does not run constantly like it does in the US", Micaela wrote. However, not all houses in the UK are the same so some people do not have to go through the trouble of turning on the hot water when needed.

She also found that the oven has a lot more settings than in the US and is still "unsure" on how it use it correctly.

To finish off her hefty list, Micaela also felt that the fridge and freezer was "small and narrow."

But Brits had a lot to say in the comments where they gave their reasoning behind some of the 'weird' qualities of the UK home.

One person commented: "Where do we start…UK eats more fresh food so we don't freeze as much.

"Lots of the stuff you had in the fridge we would have in a cupboard!"

Another user giggled: "US plugs look like toy plugs to me."

While a third voiced: "Hot water runs constantly if you have a combi boiler.

"Otherwise, you program it to heat on the thermostat."

Someone else shared: "To be fair that cooker is very complicated (I’m from UK)."

Meanwhile, a fifth mocked: "The oven and the fridge thing depends on the one you buy."

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