Amenities In Tiger Woods’s Luxury Car May Be The Reason He’s Alive Today

Tiger Woods is fighting back after being seriously injured and hospitalized Tuesday morning in a car crash near Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. The icon of the golf world had to be extracted from his sports-utility vehicle as it too suffered major damage in the single vehicle accident, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The 45 year old underwent, what was described as, “a long surgical procedure on his lower right leg and ankle” while at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Those close to his situation have told outlets like CBS Sports that he is “awake, responsive and recovering in his hospital room.” According to a press release from his team, more updates will follow.

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Tiger’s car, The Genesis GV80 is somewhat of a mystery to many. Owned by Hyundai, the Genesis can reach speeds of 149 miles per hour and is the only SUV released by the brand. It comes equipped with ten airbags, forward-collision warnings, an interior camera to nudge drivers who may be falling asleep, noise-cancelling to drown out unneeded sounds on the road, and even evasive steering technology.

Safety is expensive and this $500,000 ride is worth its weight in precaution. There is a 14.5-inch horizontal touchscreen placed on its central console as well as a cruise-control system which allows the sports utility vehicle to adapt to a motorist’s driving style. These amenities, many of which could be the reason that Woods has come out of this near-disaster alive, are the reason some experts are picking the GV80 to be the top selling car from Genesis in the United States for 2021.

Photos taken at the crash scene appear to show the Genesis Invitational logo on the side of the demolished SUV, as it laid on its side following a roll.

While it’s clear to see deployed airbags, the footwells of the vehicle were apparently left with minimum protection. This suggests why the 15 time Master’s Champion may have suffered injuries to that area of his body.

Also at the site, his injuries were determined to be serious, but not life-threatening. Tiger was described as conscious, calm and lucid when the paramedics arrived at the scene. A representative for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Woods was “lucky to be alive.” He too credited the car itself for its safety measures and Woods’s seatbelt for keeping this serious accident from being a major tragedy.

Earlier today, Wood’s Twitter account released a message updating fans on his condition and thanking them for their support.

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