Amazon Is Now Selling Tiny Plush Houses for Guinea Pigs and Hedgehogs

Most people think of dogs, cats, birds, and the ever-popular fish when it comes to pets, and retailers that sell pet supplies usually focus on these primary categories. But let’s not forget about our smaller critter friends. From rabbits and guinea pigs to hedgehogs and chinchillas, these wee fellas deserve just as much attention as their bigger pals. And if you’re a pet parent shopping on Amazon who’s looking for something just as cute as your little bud, we’ve found the ultimate item.

Reviewers on Amazon have been raving about JanYoo and MyIdea’s mini plush houses for their guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and chinchillas. Available in various cartoon animal shapes, like pigs, giraffes, and even reindeer, these mini plush houses have garnered wildly enthusiastic reviews. A shopper said that their guinea pigs are “living their best lives” in these warm houses, calling it “hands down the absolute best thing” that they’ve bought for their pet.

Buy It! MyIdea Warm Guinea Pigs, Hedgehog, and Small Pet Animals Bed in Deer Theme, $23.99;

The mini pet houses, lined with plush fleece, are designed to keep small animals warm even on the coldest winter days. A shopper who owns a hedgehog called JanYoo’s cushion “extremely durable” that can sustain clawing and scratching, adding, “My hedgehog Link sleeps in this every night… I'd recommend this bed to any owner of a small pet. Link loves it for the fact he can hide inside under the cushion and be out of sight.”

Another reviewer said that MyIdea’s plush beds have their guinea pigs absolutely hooked. “Bought this for our oldest pig's second birthday, but the youngest loves it so much we are already planning on getting one for his brother's first birthday,” said the shopper. “Very soft, super easy to throw in the wash. I was worried since both love to nibble, but it has not been an issue.”

With the winter months coming up, these plush beds might be the ultimate snuggle spot for these small animals. Shop MyIdea and JanYoo’s pet beds in various sizes at Amazon now.

Buy It! MyIdea Warm Guinea Pigs, Hedgehog, and Small Pet Animals Bed in Bee Theme, $19.99;

Buy It! JanYoo Small Pet Animals Bed in Giraffe, Pig, Reindeer, Crocodile, and Bee Themes, $16.99;

Buy It! MyIdea Warm Guinea Pigs, Hedgehog, and Small Pet Animals Bed in Crocodile Theme, $22.89;

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