Acne-covered influencer told she has ‘herpes’ defies trolls by embracing skin

A young woman is defying trolls by sharing photos of her acne online – despite people calling her ugly.

Izzie Rodgers, from the UK, has built a loyal following online thanks to her honest approach to Instagram.

The influencer regularly shares photos of her skin unedited, showing off her acne for all to see.

While the majority of responses from people are positive, Izzie also receives hate from people that tell her that her acne is all her fault, with one troll implying that it looks like she has herpes.

Izzie doesn’t shy away from sharing the trolling comments she receives, with one comment reading: “I actually puked after seeing her without makeup."

Another said: "How about you just take better care of your skin."

The beauty blogger doesn't let the haters win as she regularly calls them out for their nasty comments.

She responded: “NOT. I REPEAT. NOT. YOUR. FAULT. These kind of comments anger me so much. Acne is not something anyone chooses to have, enjoys having or is to blame for.

“Acne hit me like a tone [sic] of bricks for no apparent reason at the age of 20, and the last thing I needed on top of all that hurt, was that it was actually all my fault.

“You are not dirty, you have not caused this. Of course there are things you can do to help and people you can see to help identify a cause, like any health condition, but this coming on was out of your control.

“You are beautiful and worthy and these kind of comments come from people who just don’t understand the mental trauma that having acne can cause.”

She added: “You and I have both got this. If I can block out these comments, so can you.”

This isn’t the first time that Izzie has responded to the hate she’s received.

The influencer previously spoke about the cruelty she’s faced since creating her Instagram account.

Izzie explained that no matter what she does, she can’t please everyone.

“Cover up, don’t cover up, put it on, take it off, you look sh** with it on, you look sh** with it off,” she wrote.

“Since creating this page I have really realised that you will never please everyone… especially men… and guess what!? That is SO okay.

“The truth is, we all chase that ‘perfect’ look only for the validation and acceptance of others. But the sad reality is, no matter how hard you try, someone will always have something to say about it.

“So don’t waste a second of your life trying to be something for someone else and channel every bit of energy you have into being the something that YOU want.”

Izzie went on to say that she loves who she is both with and without makeup, which seems to occasionally offend people.

She added: “And no man with an obvious ego complex will EVER take my self love away.”

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