’90 Day Fiance’s Colt Johnson Still ‘Heartbroken’ Over Larissa Lima Split Despite Assault

’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s marriage ended in a bloody altercation that landed her in jail. But in spite of their troubles, he says he’s still hurting. Here’s why.

Colt Johnson is celebrating the end of his marriage to Larissa Dos Santos Lima with a divorce party Fri., March 1, at the famous gentleman’s club Crazy Horse 3 in Las Vegas. And don’t worry, his ex Larissa won’t be left out, she’s having her own party the following night. Colt revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife why he’s excited for his divorce party in spite of still feeling “heartbroken” over his breakup. And he opened up about what exactly happened the night he and Larissa split for good and she wound up getting arrested for domestic battery.

So, about that arrest — what exactly happened? According to Colt, an argument escalated and Larissa punched him. “Larissa and I got in an argument and things got heated and then she assaulted me and she ran outside. She punched me in the face with a closed fist and then ran out. And I haven’t talked to her since then because she blocked me on every avenue so I don’t know what she is doing at all.”

Surprisingly, Colt would actually still like to speak to Larissa because he’s seriously hurting. “I am heartbroken yes, I loved this person and I will always love her to some degree. I mean I did marry her after all. I tried to build something and it didn’t work out and ended in a really hard way. And now there is no resolution and there probably never will be and it’s unfair to me and to her. But she chose this way because she has blocked me and that is sad to me because regardless if our marriage was good or bad we did still spends time with each other and the way it ended was horrible, I really would like some resolution.  I’m not sure what I want, but some closure would be nice, maybe an apology, but I don’t think she will give me that and I have to move on from it.”  Ouch.

In spite of his broken heart, Colt has not given up on love. In fact, he’s even hopeful he may meet Mrs. Right at his divorce party. “I’m excited for the party. I will have a date at my divorce party so I’m very excited about that. I might find love who knows? I’m open to a lot of things. I have done a lot of crazy things in my life so I’m sure I can be open to finding love again at my divorce party.” That’s the spirit, Colt!

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