9 Best Bridesmaids Stories Starring Women Who Were There For Their Friends Through Thick & Thin

Not all bridesmaids are created equal. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about bridesmaids who have dropped the ball when it comes to wedding duties, but lucky for me, my bridesmaids were perfection. For my bachelorette, they designed a scavenger hunt with tasks to complete, as well as a trivia-style game with fun facts about my then-fiancé. On the day my husband and I got married, they created a wedding-themed playlist and kept me consistently supplied with an equal balance of iced coffee and Champagne. When I hear best bridesmaid stories from other former brides, I can relate, because I know what it feels like to have bridesmaids that go above and beyond for your big day.

There are dozens of ways for bridesmaids to show just how much they care. For my bridesmaids, it was stringing up a clothesline of underwear and having me guess which girl gifted me which pair. For other bridesmaids, it may be taking on an annoying task, or helping the bride lift up her skirt so she can pee, or simply making her laugh. On a recent AskWomen thread on Reddit, former brides shared stories about their most thoughtful bridesmaids, and I challenge you to read them without tearing up a little.

The Team Effort

— pax_et_veritas

The Unexpected MVP

— Miss_mustache

The No-Nonsense MOH

— SunBun93

The BFF Who Went The Distance

— heart_of_blue

The Perfectly Prepared Party Member

— andandandetc

The Triumphant Trio

— sunshine606

The Go-Getter Girl

— AnonLions

The Stellar Sister

— hobbesnblue

The Big-Hearted Bunch

— Jilltro

Sure, bringing together a pack of women from all different parts of your life can potentially be a disaster, but if these stories prove anything, it’s that the best bridesmaids make the difference between a good wedding day and an unforgettable one.

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