8 Streaming Hanukkah Movies That Are Perfect For The Whole Family

Christmas comes but once a year, but Hanukkah shows up and stays for eight entire nights. Somehow, the Hanukkah movies don’t though. While Lifetime, AMC, Hallmark and Freeform are so full of Christmas films, one might accidentally burst and get tinsel all over the rug, Jewish families must turn to streaming services to round up enough films to fill all eight evenings after everyone is too full of latkes to move. These streaming Hanukkah movies are perfect for families ages 3 to 103, and uplifting for everyone to watch.

As usual, before diving in, it’s time to get a little Seinfeld and do an Airing of Grievances at the lack of offerings from any particular streaming service. Christians complain how the entertainment industry is run by Jewish people, but you wouldn’t know it from the millions of Christmas films, and only small tokens towards Hanukkah movies. Hallmark may be promising a Hanukkah film or two for 2019, but as it stands the ratio of Christmas to Hanukkah films is overwhelming.

Still, despite the occasional Holocaust reference, and an errand Christmas tree or two, between Netflix, Amazon Prime streaming rentals and a few YouTube offerings, I’ve been able to put together a cheerful family-friendly list everyone can enjoy this holiday season. Chag Sameach!

Eight Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler’s cartoon family musical comedy. Here’s the synopsis:

You can find it as a streaming rental on Amazon Prime.

Hitched for the Holidays

This is for the blended families. Here’s the synopsis:

Available to rent via YouTube.

Auf das Leben! (To Life!)

This pretends to be a Holocaust film, but it’s not. Here’s the synopsis:

Available on Netflix.

The Hebrew Hammer

Everyone wants to watch The Hebrew Hammer at Hanukkah. Here’s the synopsis:

Available streaming via Amazon Prime.

The Producers (1968)

The Producers is the most timely movie any Jewish family could watch in 2018. Here’s the synopsis:

The original 1968 version is streaming via YouTube.

The Women’s Balcony

This recent release is a great new addition for 2018. Here’s the synopsis:

Available on Netflix.

Full Court Miracle

Full Court Miracle has been a staple of the holiday since 2003. Here’s the synopsis:

Available for streaming via Amazon Prime.

An American Tail

There are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese. Here’s the synopsis:

This is available for rental everywhere, and also Netflix.

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