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ANYONE who's done more than a bit of running knows the importance of proper underwear.

While you can get away with standard underwear in the gym, the longer and more intense your workout, the more you'll need specific underwear – especially if you're training for a marathon.

Lots of people prefer to go commando on the run, but this doesn't fight a runner's worst enemy: chaffing. This is why a lot of running shorts come with inner underwear linings.

That won't cut it for everyone though.

What is the best underwear for running?

Underwear for running fits to the form of the runner, preventing chaffing of one of your most valuable areas.

Also, materials like cotton will absorb sweat and microbes, which can lead to yeast infections. The best running underwear is breathable where you need it.

So if you think special pants for running will work for you, check out our guide on the best running underwear out there.

Do runners wear underwear?

Runners don't always wear underwear.

Running shorts often have a special lining designed to reduce friction and to keep you dry, so you don't need to wear anything underneath.

What kind of underwear do female runners wear?

Again, the right underwear will leave you chafe and pain-free and ensure your runs are as comfortable as possible.

Many experts suggest the best underwear will be made of either cotton or a moisture-wicking synthetic material like nylon or spandex.

Style very much depend on your personal preference, as long as you don't sacrifice comfort in the process.

Running underwear include boy shorts, bikini and mid-rise briefs and even thongs, so you'll have plenty of styles to choose from.


1. Best long men's running underwear 

Under Armour have developed a reputation for a good reason – their products are reliable and work well. These fast-drying shorts are soft to the touch and offer breathability during your runs. They also are form fitting, preventing chaffing against the material.

The fast-drying fabric is especially great for runners, meaning perspiration doesn't build up.

  1. (AD) Under Armour 2 Pack Tech Sports Underwear between £22.47 and £75.89 on Amazon – buy here

2. Best protective running underwear for men

These Men's Kinetic Boxers from Saxx are designed for high impact, high-intensity sports. The moisture-wicking stretch material draws sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry, and also provides an excellent fit around your legs.

Yet the draw for most men will be the BallPark Pouch, which delivers contact-free support that keeps everything in place, eliminating chaffing.

  • Men's Kinetic Boxers, Saxx, for £29 on Cotswold Outdoor – buy here

3. Best boxers for running

For those who want the discreetness of boxers with all the support of running underwear, look no further than these from Niksa. They deliver compression and support, keeping you cool and comfortable, while the quick-drying fabric will allow air to circulate freely.

  1. (AD) Niksa 3 Pack Men's Sports Underwear between £18.99 and £19.99 on Amazon – buy here

5. Best Anti-chafing running boxers: Manscaped

  • Anti-chaf boxers, £45 from Manscaped – buy here

When you are on a long run or doing a workout the last thing you want or need is friction. Chafing can cause no end of discomfort so the Manscaped boxers were created to keep high friction areas cool with their micro-fiber blend design. They also look stylish too with their black logo waistband.



5. Best low-rise running underwear for women 

Great for gym and running alike, this underwear is soft to the touch and very breathable, without a tag to reduce irritation too. This underwear is flexible and so will move to the shape of your body while you're running.

  1. (AD) INNERSY 6 Pack Women's Underwear between £16.99 and £19.99 on Amazon – buy here

6. Best running boyshorts for women

These boyshorts provide a great fit for women who want to run, dance, cycle or go to the gym. They are high-waisted and stretchy, with a one-size-fits-all for people between UK 10 and UK 20. The material is anti-bacterial and wicking, meaning sweat will be drawn away from your body.

  1. (AD) G3 Ladies Microfibre Boxershorts/Boyshorts for £4.99 on Amazon – buy here

7. Best running g-string

If you'd rather go for a g-string on your run, then you have to trust the professionals at Runderwear. They are one of the most respected brands in running underwear and their g-string is no different.

Breathable and chaff-free, these are almost invisible underneath your clothes without sacrificing functionality.

  • Runderwear Women's G-String for £16-£17 on Runderwear – buy here

8. Best Designer Running Underwear: Calvin Klein

  • Body Underwear, £11.50 from Calvin Klein – buy here

Nothing says luxe more than this designer underwear from the Body range by Calvin Klein. Made of ultra-lightweight cotton blend, they are designed to sit perfectly whilst allowing you to move freely with zero friction. They feature the classic Calvin Klein logo across the waistband making them a stylish, cool item to add to your workouts.


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