7 Best Ethical Feather & Down Pillows | The Sun UK

WHEN it comes to pillows, you can’t beat the luxurious feeling of feather or down.

But with many cheaper alternatives coming from countries in the Far East where animal welfare standards are not as high as those we adhere to in the UK and the EU, you need to choose carefully if you really want to rest easy.

Down and feathers for duvets and pillows are sometimes plucked from live birds, a process that is obviously both painful and distressing for the animals.

Responsible manufacturers are now sourcing down and feathers that are by-products of the food industry, and ethically-minded retailers are insisting that their suppliers adhere to the Responsible Down Standard or be certified by Downpass, which safeguard the welfare of the birds.

However, animal rights organisation PETA still advocates that feathers are ‘stolen property’ and clearly these pillows are definitely not suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

If you do choose to eschew feathers altogether, the M&S Feels Like Down range of duvets and pillows will give you all the feathery feels without the guilty feelings.

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