50 Coronation-themed quiz questions to test your royal knowledge

King Charles III and Queen Camilla will be crowned with their official titles on Saturday, May 6, and will be joined by the nation to mark the occasion. Whether it’s at a street party, at the pub, or in the comfort of your own home, these 50 quickfire questions will put your royal knowledge up against the clock. On your marks, get set, quiz!

  1. What date was Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation? June 2, 1953

  2. What did Prince Charles receive from Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned? A special hand-painted invitation to the Coronation

  3. How many coronations have been held at Westminster Abbey? 39 since 1066

  4. Who is next in line for the throne after King Charles III? Prince William

  5. When was Coronation chicken invented? Coronation chicken was created by Le Cordon Bleu London to be served at the Coronation Luncheon in 1953

  6. What is the official dish for King Charles III’s Coronation? Coronation quiche made with spinach, broad beans and tarragon

  7. Who designed Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation dress? British fashion designer Norman Hartnell

  8. Was there a Coronation for Edward VIII? No, he was never crowned but reigned for 325 days before abdicating the throne

  9. Who will conduct King Charles III’s Coronation? The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

  10. Who will kneel before Charles and kiss him on the cheek at the ceremony? Prince William is expected to do this as a sign of respect

What is the name of the crown that will be used to coronate King Charles? St Edward’s Crown

Which British monarch established the Church of England? Henry VIII

Which global popstar will perform at the Coronation concert? Katy Perry

Which university did King Charles III attend? Cambridge, Trinity College

Prior to becoming King, what title did Charles hold? Prince of Wales

What is the motto on King Charles II’s coat of arms? Dieu et mon droit (“God and my right”)

On which date did Charles ascend the throne after Queen Elizabeth II? September 8, 2022

When is King Charles III’s birthday and in what year was he born? November 14, 1948

What was the occupation of King Charles III before he became a full-time royal? Royal Air Force and Navy officer

What is King Charles III’s full name? Charles Philip Arthur George

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Which Italian opera singer will perform at the Coronation concert? Andrea Bocelli

On what date will the bank holiday be held in honour of the Coronation? Monday, May 8

When does Trooping of the Colour traditionally take place? June

Who controls the guest list for the Coronation? The Government – it is a state occasion

Where do King Charles and Camilla currently live? Clarence House

Who is the longest-reigning monarch in British history? Queen Elizabeth II

Which young member of the Royal Family has a birthday on the same day as the Coronation of King Charles III? Prince Archie

Which former member of the Royal Family will not attend the ceremony? Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York was not invited

Where does the procession route start and end? Start at Buckingham Palace, down The Mall, through Admiralty Arch to Westminster Abbey

What is this procession known as? The King’s Procession

On what date will the Coronation concert take place? Sunday, May 7, 2023

The plans for the Coronation are code-named operation what? Operation Golden Orb

Where will the Coronation concert take place? Windsor Castle

Which year saw the last time a Queen Consort and King were crowned together? 1937, George VI and the Queen Mother

Which animal features on the gold vessel called the Ampulla that is used to anoint the sovereign? An eagle

At what age did the current King Charles become the Prince of Wales? Nine-years-old

The Coronation Ring will be placed on Charles’s fourth finger, but by what other name is it known? The Wedding Ring of England

What is King Charles III’s favourite flower? Delphiniums

How many dogs did the Queen own during her reign? More than 30

What two crowns did the Queen wear on her Coronation in 1953? St Edward’s Crown and the Imperial State Crown

What was Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite flower? Lily-of-the-valley

Which residence is known as the private residence of King Charles III and Camilla? Highgrove House, Gloucestershire

Which royal property will the Armed Forces Coronation flypast go over on Saturday, May 6? Buckingham Palace

Where did the late Queen and Prince Philip live as newlyweds? Clarence House

Where are the Crown Jewels – including St Edward’s Crown on display? The Tower of London

Name one of King Charles III’s favourite alcoholic drinks? A 50/50 martini with gin and dry vermouth, or whiskey

What is King Charles’s favourite kind of tea? Darjeeling

Name four dishes traditionally served at a British Coronation street party – Any of the following: Trifle, Coronation chicken, sausage rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs, quiche, finger sandwiches, iced buns

How many countries are in the Commonwealth? 54

Can you name all of Charles’s siblings? Princess Anne (Princess Royal), Prince Edward (Duke Of Edinburgh), Prince Andrew (Duke of York)

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