5-year-old has cutest reaction to his new bedroom

A 5-year-old had the most adorable reaction to his newly redecorated bedroom.

Eric Fenney is a lover of dinosaurs, space and Sonic the Hedgehog. His mother, Morgan Coleman, decided to redecorate his bedroom after Eric asked for a bigger bed. The one he had before was a Lightning McQueen race car bed, which he was quickly outgrowing.

Coleman decided to turn the redecoration into a fun surprise. She and her fiance set everything up while Eric was with his father for the weekend so that when he came back home after school the following Monday, he’d find a completely redesigned room.

“When he came in, he noticed his door was closed. It’s never usually closed. He was like, ‘Mom, why is my door closed?'” Coleman recounted to “Good Morning America.”

After opening the door, Eric’s utter excitement was palpable.

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“You got me a new bed!” he exclaims, and immediately starts clapping while expressing his gratitude. “Thank you so much!”

He then points to the bunk beds and says his parents can take the top bunk while he takes the bottom — though he immediately starts climbing up the latter to the top bunk.

“He was just overwhelmed with emotion,” Coleman said. “He’s still thanking me right now.”

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