5 Things to Know About Henry Levy, the Designer Demi Lovato Was Spotted Kissing

Since completing rehab last month, Demi Lovato has been gradually returning to the spotlight. First, she made her grand Instagram return, and then she popped online to give thanks for her Grammy (!) nomination. And now, for better or for worse, the paparazzi are back on her heels, and they spotted her kissing her dinner date Henry Levy over the weekend.

It’s really nobody’s business if they’re dating or not (and for the record, Entertainment Tonight sources said last month that they aren’t), but it’s certainly got Lovatics interested in who Levy is.

Here are five things to know about Demi’s new friend.

1. He’s a designer with a lot of celebrity fans.

Levy is the creative mind behind the fashion line Enfants Riches Déprimés, which is either famous or infamous depending on who you ask. His punk-ish collections veer on the extremely expensive side, with most pieces priced at more than $1000. 

Still, that has not deterred stars from wearing it proudly. Fans of the brand include Courtney Love, Jared Leto, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé.

2. … And his work has generated plenty of outrage.

E.R.D AUTOMNE/HIVER 16 PREVIEW // @cameronmccool

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Enfants Riches Déprimés made headlines back in 2016, but not for good reasons. The brand caused outrage by selling a $7,000 cashmere noose (seriously). When asked about the piece, Levy had this to say to The Guardian:

“I make pieces for myself, not for other people, not for the consumer. If you were going to kill yourself, wouldn’t you want to do it with a $7,000 cashmere noose?”

The brand also came under fire for the slogan “My Nazi parents,” which was printed on T-shirts back in September.

“MY NAZI PARENTS” A/H 18/19 www.enfantsrichesdeprimes.com

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“The price point is not only a marker of value but intrinsically part of the piece itself,” Levy added in his interview with The Guardian. “No pieces are alike and everything is limited. I have no interest in making affordable pieces for the masses.”

3. Levy himself has been to rehab.

Like Lovato, Levy has struggled with substance abuse. He told Complex that he got “caught up in drugs” in high school, first going to rehab at age 15. He managed to pull his grades up and get accepted to UCLA for art school, but he wasn’t able to maintain his sobriety.

“Then I was so hyped that I got in, that I got all fucked up again,” he said.

After ups and downs, and being cut off by his parents, he slowly began to create Enfants Riches Déprimés.

“Being around those kids [in rehab], just their absurd entitlement and everything, definitely had an influence,” he said. “They don’t have to work a day in their lives, you know what I mean? Their complete existence is based around what other people think.”

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4. He will not say no to an Instagram fight.

He and punk band Black Anvil got into it on Instagram in 2016 after Kim Kardashian West was spotted in a Enfants Riches Déprimés leather jacket. The band called the brand “wack” — possibly because the jacket featured patches from the band Kill Your Idols, which shares members with Black Anvil — and that set Levy off.

“Ur such a pu—y. Look how much I control your emotions that u made a whole post about my work,” he wrote, according to Noisey. “Little B—ch a— Punk police. I will rape and exploit and pillage whatever I want and I will sell it for thousands while u sit here and just feed me more attention. Know your place u stupid f—k.”

5. He grew up attending boarding schools, including the most expensive in the world.

Levy’s parents are wealthy thanks to their work in the water filtration business, according to Entertainment Tonight, and this led Levy to attend some of the most expensive schools in the world — including Le Rosey in Switzerland, which has an annual tuition of $110,000. Town & Country calls the school the “alma mater of princes, shahs, and baby billionaires.”

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