12 Worst Breakup Excuses That Make No Sense, According To 12 Women

Getting through a breakup will always be tough. That being said, knowing your breakup happened for a legitimate reason can definitely help give you a sense of closure and propel you forward. But, alas, every breakup, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a totally legitimate reason. For example, in a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the worst breakup excuses they’ve ever gotten from people dumping them. Oh, and trust me. These reasons are really terrible.

He said he didn’t want a relationship… then was in a relationship with someone else two weeks later.


He said he was too turned on by her.


He said she was too good for him.


He had weird issues with the way she spent money.


He liked that she was independent, but she was too independent.


He loved her, but he couldn’t "stand" periods.


He liked sex with her "too much."


His friend was into her.


He didn’t like how often she applied sunscreen.


He wasn’t a fan of the way she chose to dye her hair… but she didn’t even dye her hair.


He used jobs as an excuse.


Her butt wasn’t big enough for him.


Now, of course, you’re entitled to leave a relationship for whatever reason you want. That’s a right you reserve. But, next time you’re going through a breakup, try thinking about how the person you’re dumping might feel about what you’re saying.

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