12 popular baby names with rude meanings outside UK, including Todd and Chloe

Choosing a name for your child can be a very difficult task.

Just ask Kylie Jenner, who recently abandoned her original name of Wolf after a few weeks.

While choosing a moniker that suits them is one challenge, there is another barrier according to experts at language-learning platform Babbel.

"When tasked with naming a child, it's good to be aware of what meanings and connotations these names take when translated into different languages," they explained to The Sun.

"This can tell you more about where the name is from culturally and what it means in the context of this culture.

"Additionally, while this can often result in funny coincidences, occasionally the results can be a little awkward, so it's good to do your research beforehand."


While it means fox in Middle English, in German 'tod' means death.


This sounds similar to the Arabic word ‘khara’. Unfortunately, that word means s**t.


Chloe can often be Chlo for short. "Klo" in German is slang for "toilet."


In Latin it means warlike, whereas in Norwegian it means worm. Not the ideal animal to be compared to, but we suppose it depends who you are asking!

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Setting off everybody's iPhones is the least of your problems in Japan, where it sounds similar to their word for 'ass' (お尻).


Eric is pronounced similar to the Turkish ‘erik’, which means plum.


You don't want to be mistaken for a curse word, but unfortunately the present tense of the French verb ‘niquer’ sounds like Nick, which means to f**k.


The shortened version of William, sounds eerily similar to the Dutch word for buttocks, ‘bil’.


While it has the beautiful connotations of crown in Hebrew, it is linked to a less idyllic, phallic fruit in Udru. The word is spelt کیلا, and pronounced banana.


The Greek word καμήλα sounds a lot like Camilla, and means camel. Imagine shouting your friend Camilla on the streets of Greece and the locals just hearing, "Camel! Camel! Camel!"


A beautiful name for a girl, but perhaps a little disconcerting for those who speak Filipino. Lola means 'Grandma' so you could give birth to a baby girl, who is then also instantly a Nan in the Philippines.


In Argentina, Pete is a slang word for fellatio. Let's hope little Pete doesn't go backpacking around Argentina for his gap year.

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