You’ve been washing your hair all wrong! Hairdresser says ‘scrubbing’ in shampoo can cause breakage – The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed you should never scrub shampoo in to your hair as you’ll end breaking the strands.

Brad Mondo, who has more than three million subscribers on YouTube, shared a quiz-themed clip in which he debunked some common myths about manes.

Brad revealed one mistake people make when it comes to hair washing is scrubbing their head too hard.

The New York-based hairdresser said this is actually bad for your barnet, and you should gently work the lather in instead.

He said: “A lot of people tangle up their hair when washing their hair.

“A lot of people like to go really in and scrub, I know it feels good but what you’re doing is tangling and matting your hair more than it needs to be tangled and matted.

“You don’t need to do that. Because what you’re going to do is end up roughing up the cuticle way too much.

“When you rough up the cuticle you could be losing hair that you don’t need to be losing at that time.”

He revealed the best way to clean your hair is via a side-to-side motion rather than circular one, as this will end up matting up your locks.

He added: “Just go in, side to side motions, not round motions, because that will tangle your hair.

“Side to side is best, and a little bit gentler than maybe you're wanting to go.

“You don’t need to go extremely gently like you’re touching a baby’s head, you can go in there, just don’t go in.

“I see a lot of girls going in with their fingernails.

“Again, I know it feels great, but you’re going to ruin your hair. Just chill, gently rub your head side to side with your shampoo.”

He also revealed hair should be washed in lukewarm – not cold – water, and that the amount of suds is irrelevant to how clean your hair is.

Plus, he revealed people with any length hair should only use the same amount of shampoo – the size of two coins – as you only need to work it in to your scalp and not the ends.

And whether you wash your hair once a day or once a year, Brad said there's no right answer as everyone is different.

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