You’ve been shampooing your hair all wrong – expert shows what you should REALLY be doing

WASHING your hair is probably one of the most mindless and easy things you can do when getting ready for a new week.

But did you know that you could actually be doing it wrong and neglecting your scalp in the process?

Beauty expert Abbey Yung took to social media to show how to properly shampoo your hair and get the most benefit out of process.

As she poured the shampoo out into her hand, she said in a TikTok video: "If your shampoo looks like this when you apply it to your scalp, try again.

"This won't spread evenly or cleanse your scalp properly. This is also why your hair gets oily fast."

A common practice people do is simply tilting the bottle over their head before scrubbing furiously with their hands– but it's wrong.

According to Yung, you need to put the shampoo in your hands first then rub your hands together to create suds that will easily spread and penetrate the dirt and oils in your scalp.

"Instead, emulsify the shampoo for several seconds – this will actually spread and cleanse evenly."

A hairdresser previously revealed to The Sun that she often judges people by the products they use between visits and the state of their hair and scalp.

Hairstylist and founder of Stylebook Directory, Sarah Yorke, said: “The usual things that I am thinking about whilst cutting hair are what sort of products the client has used in their hair.

“Also, whether they have cut their hair in-between hair appointments. My brain goes, ‘please put the scissors down!’

“If the hair quality is pretty appalling, I sometimes offer advice on how they can improve their hair – but that's if they want to take it.”

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