You’ve been sealing your bags of crisps all wrong – the right way means they won’t go stale & all you need to do is fold | The Sun

THERE'S nothing quite as satisfying as a fresh boy of crisps, but keeping them fresh can be almost impossible.

Of course, you can eat the entire bag in one go, but that might not be practical if you're picking from a sharing bag.

But it turns out there's a simple way to stop your favourite snack from going stale and all you need a is a simple fold.

You might be a fan of the basic roll, but it can easily come undone if it's not clipped down.

Brooke Hassler explained how to fold opened packets to make them last even longer.

She said: "When you've got a bag of chips do you just roll it up and hopefully you'll eat them before they get stale?


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"Well, if you don't have a chip clip, which we do love, but if they're all being used check out this trick."

Start by pushing all the extra air out of the bag – this will make it easier to fold but will also help keep your crisps fresher for longer.

Then fold a triangle from one of the top corners, bring inwards as far down as you can.

Repeat the same thing on the opposite side before rolling the top of the packet down tightly.

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There should be two small folds on either side of the roll, which you can turn inside out to keep everything sealed.

Simple tuck the folds over and your crisps will be safe and sound in their original packet.

Brooke put the method to the test on a sharing bag of Doritos and even turned the resealed bag upside down to prove how secure they were.

She posted the hack on Instagram alongside the caption: "Say goodbye to stale chips!

"Watch this quick life hack to learn how to seal your snack bags in seconds."

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