You’ve been curling your eyelashes wrong… and the right way makes them look even better

A MASCARA fan has left the makeup world stunned after sharing a video in which she uses an eyelash curler on her top AND bottom lashes.

TikTok user Cassisel, aka Cassandra Isel, took to the social media site to share a video in which she tried Maybelline's much talked about Sky High mascara.

But it wasn't the effect of the mascara that got viewers talking – it was the way she used her eyelash curler.

Before applying the mascara, Cassandra used the beauty tool to curl up the top lashes.

She then placed it back to front on the bottom lashes and pulled gently down, making them appear longer and more voluminous.

Taking to the comments section of the video, fans were quick to question Cassandra's methods.

"I can’t be the only one who didn’t know it was possible to curl the bottom," one person wrote.

"No babe, defo not the only one," someone replied.

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"I think I’ve been curling my eyelashes wrong this whole time," another person added, while someone else expressed their shock at the method by using emojis and writing: "YOU CAN CURL YOUR BOTTOM LASHES?!"

Another person worried that they would end up pulling out their eyelashes with the hack, to which Cassandra replied: "Yea be careful, make sure eyelash curler is 100 per cent clean before and I don’t close the lash curler all the way when I pull."

She also revealed that she used a Tweezerman curler, and has been using the trick to curl her lashes since middle school so it's "in my muscle memory".

The video has been watched a staggering 7.9 million times since Cassandra posted it, and has been "liked" more than 874,000 times.

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