You’ve been cooking your turkey wrong – follow three easy tips to never have a dry bird again | The Sun

A COOKING expert has shared the three tips she believes will help you achieve the juiciest turkey possible.

The woman, named Rebeca Huffman, shared her turkey cooking process on her popular TikTok page. 

“Numero uno: Brine your bird,” she said. 

“This is an overnight soak in salted, well-seasoned water that infuses the meat with moisture and flavor.”

She continued: “Numero dos: Bake your turkey breast-down and in the final 45 minutes, you’re gonna turn it over [and] open up the bag so that way that [skin] on the breast will get nice and brown ‘cause we want our bird to have a tan.”

Lastly, Rebeca said the turkey needs to rest after cooking and before cutting.

“You want to give an opportunity for your meat to rest at least 45 minutes,” she concluded.

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Many people in the comment section applauded her tips and even confirmed them with their own experiences. 

“Brined birds are the best!” one supporter exclaimed.

“My mom always did her turkey in the bag!

“Best turkey ever!” another wrote.

For those who are adding stuffing to their turkey, there’s a hack for chopping onions that can be used if the recipe calls for them.

A kitchen-loving grandmother shared on her TikTok that she knows a trick to stop herself from crying while cutting onions. 

She advised to simply coat the knife with olive oil before chopping up the onion. 

“No tearing. No crazies. No running out of the kitchen. Worked for me,” she said. 

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